[KNOWN ISSUE] POV avatar issue

Both paid and free avatar is same in POV(Reuben) level 50

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Yeah was going to post that as well

Mines look fine. Maybe try closing and reopening the app, that might help.

Closed and reopened many times .

Mine is the same too. 2 of the same HoTMs!

Players still on V32.1 will see the wrong avatar rewards because the correct avatars are not included in the build. The solution to this is to update to V33. The update is scheduled to be available for all players tomorrow.


Hi all,

In today’s POV the locked avatar is the same like unlocked avatar. If it’s unlocked, why is it locked? If it is intended to be the only avatar, it shouldn’t be shown in paid section as it is already in free section. It makes no sense to get twice the reward of the same non cumulative item. It is probably just a visual bug.

Thought it was unusual when I checked this morning

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