[KNOWN ISSUE] Parts of the Base Showing Up as Black/White (Visual Issue)

My base looks like this. Restarting the game, or the phone, did not fix the issue.

Sadly this is a recurring issue.

It’s the game failing to load the customised features for the event ( spooky trees, mist/fog, zombie villagers, jack-o’-lanterns etc). Shouldn’t happen too often, but annoying when it does.

@PlayForFun @Dudeious.Maximus merge?

Maybe worth a mention in the master topic in the Festive Stronghold section?


Anyone having this?

Same happened to me too, close the app and open it again, and you (probably) wont see the visual bug again :slight_smile:

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I believe this is caused by interrupted communication with the gameserver. It shows up also in blurred hero images, blank avatar images, etc.

Here I see a big mistake… without promotions on the screen :astonished:, it’s a very serious flaw :rofl:
the blank screen is the new style… savings mode :man_facepalming: :rofl:

@Stanagde, Just kidding

When i use my vpn set to Belgium = zero promotions . Tis nice

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Just have the same issue.
I remember last Morlovia has the same issue but black out.

Some save my base :scream: :scream: :scream:

Does anyone have problems like this all the time?


Yeah I get those white patches too. I log out, close app and then relog in. Usually solves the problem.

The Nothing is destroying Fantasia! :scream:

But not for me.

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Another one to merge @Dudeious.Maximus
And for @PlayForFun to push to staff again… They need to fix their memory corruption problem, it’s a reccuring issue for years already…


Thank you for the reports! We are aware of this visual issue here and are currently investigating. My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue!


Unfortunately, it happens again after a while.

It works a few times after I cleaned the cache. Couple of logins later, it looks again like this

Until I clear the game cache again

Don’t know if clearing the cache actually helps.

The issue would appear to be related to loading resources and if that is the case then clearing the cache may not make a great deal of difference (except physiologically of course).

(Just guessing - I have no access to the game source code.)

(Also expect this to keep happening for a while - Christmas event has similar overlays / decorations i.e. snow / snowmen / Christmas trees etc.)

I had this yesterday. Quit the game, unloaded it from memory in my phone, restarted and all was fine again (for now :grin:)

But honestly. I have a problem in the game that really makes the quality of the empires doubt. Especially if I was new. But nothing happens over two weeks except that new heroes are created. As a programmer, I have a certain sense of marriage. What I deliver to the program must be good and visually appealing. But what happens? two weeks nothing. really disappointing
@petri, wtf is going on? This is so lame.