[KNOWN ISSUE: Only visual] Akkorog repeated a special after a miss?

Hi All ,

this is the first time I’m seeing this, is it a bug, he missed and then repeated.

Did he just miss the rearrange and then get the damage hit in?
I don’t have Akkorog so I’m not too aware of how he works, but I’ve seen similar bugs.
I assume you’re talking about around the 51 second mark?


@Ruskin505 Yeap….51st second, Joon hit him so he missed and then that happened.

It does look like a bug, first time I see it, let me see if I can reproduce it

if there is a defensive buff the ranger talent triggers the BYPASS, the rest of the special skill will proceed, BYPASSING all buffs.

Had the same today. Mid animation he stopped, started over again. I didn’t really pay attention as I had my ursena active and he was the last remaining but it was odd.

He missed on the first, then rearranged on the 2nd, and then appeared to only hit Joon on the left flank. Definitely a bug as I’ve seen this a few times myself. Plus he hits target and nearby. When he hit Joon (one on the left flank), there was no animation of the left wing or tank getting hit/missed or anything.

Ranger talent has nothing to do with missing, rearranging twice, and hitting 1 target instead of target and nearby as was in this case.

Search on the forum on akkorog’s bug and see for yourself

There are countless bug reports on akkorog

I looked and I can’t find anything relevant to what you’re saying. Making a statement that a lot of bugs have been reported for this hero doesn’t validate what you’ve said in relation to the bug that’s reported here.
Link the bug that supports what you’re saying because I can’t find it.

If you have looked closer was given like solution in one of them quite similar situation, let me check if I find the post again

I don’t think you understood the bug related to reflect+defensive buff or defensive buff alone triggering the ranger talent (neither of which is the case in this bug).
As I’ve already stated, what you’re suggesting literally does not apply in this case as the attacker didn’t have a reflect buff nor A defensive buff.

Only de +def from freya, but I close my case here, I had this discussion with other colleagues and that’s why I had it fresh in mind, but if you say it is not the case here be it your way

Ummm…Freya is on the same team as Akkorog. Ranger talent doesn’t proc when Akkorog has the defense buff up. It procs when the heroes he’s actually hitting have it. Maybe watch/read this bug report as well the ones you’ve posted a few more times.

Hello all! We looked into this and by looking at the video and checking this here, there is no bug in the special, just the animation. When Akkorog first shuffles, his target is 5 heroes. In this video 3/5 missed and 2/5 were shuffled. The second part where Akkorog does damage, his target is 3 heroes. He targets Joon in this case and hits 1/3, because the other two around him were missed on the first part of his special. So Since Joon was shuffled he will take the damage.

I hope this helps to clarify!


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