[KNOWN ISSUE] Onatel keeps getting mana after being ghosted from Lepiota

As the title suggests, I have noticed that if Onatel casts her special and is then ghosted from Lepiota, she keeps getting mana even in Ghost form which is in constrast to what Lepiota’s card states.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any graphic content to share.

Is this behaviour expected?

[EDIT] - Link to post with screenshots [KNOWN ISSUE] Onatel keeps getting mana after being ghosted from Lepiota - #12 by kosnet2

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I have noticed the same. I believe it’s working as intended. After all Onatel’s mana steal is not a buff but an ailment to the enemy. She is not gaining mana but stealing it.

Anyone ever mana blocked Onatel with Proteus or someone similar. Can she still steal mana?

No, Onatel cannot gain mana if blocked by Proteus (and i’m assuming Hel). I rely on this often when facing Onatel. Proteus’ special is ‘can’t gain mana for 3 turns,’ which includes by stealing. very effective counter.

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Note that while Proteus keeps her from gaining mana, she does still reduce how much enemies gain.

Given that, seems like Leopiota interaction is a bug.

And devs, don’t nerf Proteus/Hel instead.


Ah then seems like a bug to me! Much appreciated @Sam-I-Am and @Zathrus

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Agreed. just on reading the description of Lepiota’s special, Onatel gaining mana while in ghost form seems like a bug to me. i would think it would have the same effect as Proteus/Hel for the four turns she’s a ghost.

still, best to see if you can get some video showing it happening. do a friendly battle with someone in your alliance with Onatel, if anyone has her? if it’s not convenient for you to get it on video, someone else out there surely can. :slight_smile: :+1:

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But isn’t the mana freeze and being ghosted two distinct effects?

Both Hel and Lepiota say “can’t gain mana”. While the status effect is different, the card working is not.

Yeah. I’ve checked the Lepiota thread. I was entertaining the idea that while heroes whose mana are frozen due to the skills of Hel and Proteus, Onatel who is ghosted after firing her skill would be able to steal mana. I was wrong. Mana freeze should be absolute and I believe this is a bug.

As per card wording this is definitely a bug.

Can’t gain mana is unambiguous.

Hey guys. Thanks for the interest in this topic. As requested I managed to find an Onatel to face and I captured some graphic content for the issue to be more clear.

  1. Onatel has casted her special, but not ghosted

  2. Lepiota ghosts Onatel

  3. Bottom left purple horizontal match fills up Onatel mana

Hope this made it more clear :slight_smile:

We believe you. It’s now up to the Devt Team to declare whether this is a bug or “working as intended”.

If it’s a bug, then hopefully this bug is cleared with V38, along with the other lepiota bugs.

If it’s working as intended, then Lepiota has a nemesis in Onatel. I don’t know if this can be termed a nerf though it feels like one. And I have lepiota.

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Worst thing is after every update this game brings bugs,issues & glitches

TBH that’s bound to happen with every software release :woman_shrugging:t3:

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It does happen, but a lot of the issues should be caught by basic QA. It’s not clear that they have any beyond the “beta” program.

The volunteer beta program is the QC, once Devt Team has worked out a fix and tested it on their end. I don’t think that SG has an in house Beta team to run fixes, new heroes etc thoroughly to detect any hereunto undetected bugs, flaws or conflicts, before finally releasing the fixes/nee stuff to the volunteer Beta players for their feedback.

It looks like a thorough run though the current hero codex was not done for Lepiota.

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Thanks for your posts. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.


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