[KNOWN ISSUE] Nigeria is asterisked as a curse word

Why is Nigeria considered a curse word. It’s a country.
You have so many Nigerians playing and paying for this game and yet they don’t have their flag as simple as it is, which entails two colors. white and green. And worse, the word Nigeria is considered a curse word in the game.
I’m offended, including every other Nigerian in the game.
Fix it.


We’ve just welcomed a Nigerian player into our alliance and the same thing happened. He tried 3 times to tell us where he lived and I finally spelled it N.I.G.E.R.I.A.

I’ve moved this thread to the bugs category because it’s obvious the current game behaviour is broken.
@Petri may I have your attention please?

wow, it’s not a bug. it’s a deliberate action. a decision acted upon. and you saying “current game behavior is broken” makes it more offensive.

Thank you for the report and my apologies for the issue! This is a known issue which was reported earlier and we’re looking into whitelisting the word “Nigeria” in the upcoming updates.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand why do you recognize my words are offensive? It’s obvious for me that it’s not intended by game developers to recognize word “Nigeria” as a curse word, hence the game behaviour is broken i.e. it should behave differently and allow word “Nigeria”.

Thanks. that will be appreciated, if done with immediate attention . it’s very disappointing that something so simple to be fixed, has been going on for so long. the irony of this. we immerse in game play to be in a different world, engaging with different people across the world and yet, that discrimination found its way in…

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the biggest mistake, you can ever make is assume the person you are replying as not clue of how games are developed. Personally, you should have left it at your apology and moved on. the only reason the word Nigeria was asterisked, is because it was programmed to do so in its coding. it also includes the word Nigerian and worse, No Flag. And yes, I do have a background in game design and development. At this point, I’m Seriously offended

I think, to be fair … the censor isn’t against the country. It’s to actually protect against a derogatory word and the game censor is overly cautious as we start to spell it.

I’m happy to hear that SGG is going to fix it.

the spelling is no way close to the offensive N word. And that’s not an excuse. I’m Nigerian enough to know that.
l hope it’s get done asap.

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I didnt even notice this. Im a Nigerian as well.

@zephyr1 please do something about it.

Glad they will fix it… No worries

I’m not a programmer and I totally understand the frustration for nigerian people. I hope this problem gets solved immediately.

I’m just going to think as the code writer would have thought when asterisking the word n****

  • OK so I have to asterisk the word n****

  • If I just asterisk n****, anyone could instead write n****s, or whatever they want to put after the last r of the word and it won’t be asterisked.

  • So I’ll write the code so it automatically asterisks every single word that starts with the 5 letters of n****

Unfortunately the code writer forgot about the words Nigeria, Nigerians and whatever other word related to the country.

I don’t think the code writer intentionally asterisked the word Nigeria, otherwise that code writer has to be fired immediately.

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you said it yourself, you are not a programmer and what you wrote is totally Wrong. if the logic you just wrote was applied. words like niggles, nightmare, night, nigglers won’t work. please call a spade a spade.

Niggles and Nigglers even look close to the offensive word in spelling and sound … and those words are not blacklisted

This issue is NOT an error nor OMISSION, but an intentional action to undermine the people of NIGERIA.

Also @petri admitting the issue as a “known issue” and is yet to be fixed is very disappointing. I have tried all varients of the word and found them mostly censored. This is in the least unfair and an unwarranted marginalization.

While I would look forward to the prompt correction from the developers, I would also expect an apology for this unnecessary national embarrassment.

The world is already too small to tolerate biased actions nor explain them away as either glitches or minor errors.

There’s nothing I should apologize for. I only moved this thread to the bugs category which is more relevant than “Ideas & Feature Requests” where you originally posted it.

There’s no person who never makes any mistake. There’s no computer program without bugs. Suggesting that game developers set “Nigeria” as forbidden word is very unfair, and in fact ridiculous. Players are their customers, they have exactly zero interest in offending their customers in purpose.

There are many flags not available in game and nobody reports it as “discrimination” or “offense”. Please place your suggestion for a new flag here:

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As I said, I hope this problem gets fixed immediately, because it’s totally unnaceptable. I would be totally mad if I write Argentina and the word gets censored.

Now answer me, do you think the code writer has to be fired? According to your point of view, the code writer intentionally censored Nigeria in the code.

I also requested the argentinian flag to be included, because there is no pin and we just need 2 colors, light blue and white (also yellow if we wish to include the sun in the middle of the flag). You should do the same in the proper post that @grzechol shared

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First of, it’s neither a mistake or bug. it’s a written code. a decision made, written and executed.
if you can’t understand that,then you have no business handling this forum. If you call it being ridiculous, I call it real life. And every time, you type, you make a bigger mess at being offensive. because you are still clueless on how appalling this is. you make comments as if we’re not talking about GIGO programming.
The Fact is Nigeria is blacklisted. end of story.

This is exactly the reason for this and we are looking into whitelisting Nigeria word as it was never intended to be blacklisted. Again, I do apologise for this issue.


I’m aware not every country is represented with its flag. and i take no offense to it because it’s NOT targeted.
My core focus is Nigeria or Nigerian. that is targeted. and very offensive

I appreciate the confidence in my ability to have things fixed in the game, but I don’t work for Small Giant, so unfortunately I can’t help with this.

But I see that @Petri (who does work for SG) said they’re working on a fix. :slight_smile:


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