[KNOWN ISSUE] Mythic Titan -- Issues with Empty Team / "team cannot be empty" error when team is full

EDIT: Apparently other folks have had the same thing where they were pushed into a battle with no heroes. I thought I had goofed, but seems to be possible to I did nothing other than try to follow the prompts and then somehow ended up fighting with a blank team, which results in an immediate end to the battle, a wasted flag, and a 0 score

I guess my finger slipped. I was in the new screen for the mythic titan and didn’t have a team set up. Well somehow I was able to start the battle with 0 heroes.

While I was checking out the new screen, that’s when I guess I accidentally touched the battle button because I suddenly saw a ‘game over’ type screen along with the titan.

It shouldn’t be possible to start the battle with a team that has 0 heroes


Im the opposite i pick my 5 heros and get a message saying unable to complete without selecting a team. Even thou I have picked one


Yeah, I am getting the same bug as you Rhino

Same here


Same here. Frustrating.

Bizarre. Meanwhile I had an empty team and was able to start the battle. It was an instant loss with a 0 score

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And to follow up, I was able to use two flags afterward with no problem.

I’m banking the same issue. Tried deleting the team and reassign the heros to no avail.

Yep, me too, the same bug

what is the problem ? Guvnor do you know what the message is about?

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I have the same issue.

Not sure why it’s not letting me fight, I’ve picked my team. :face_with_monocle: Plz fix.

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Hi! Thanks for reporting these issues! We seem to have a bug where the Mythic Titan battle entry checks the wrong team. This causes two issues, if your team 1 is empty it won’t let you battle Mythic Titan. The workaround for that is to fill your Team 1. Since it’s checking the wrong team, it will allow you to fight Mythic Titan with an empty team so be sure to fill your Mythic Titan team before entering the battle.
My apologies for the bug and the inconvenience!


negaliu prideti herojiu ibkova su titanu mystic titan bug

Damn…same thing happened to me. Can they please give me back my flag. It won’t let me battle the Titan at all with heroes

I wanted atack titan but a another bloody bugg. Probably to busy spending all that money people paying you. Dont understen, this is easy game to maintain simple graphics simple software. So many guys from Aliance spending so mutch money an they get nothing a nother guys get two in row 5* thac me finishing play this unreal stupid game.

Ugggggggg… first flag wasted. This sucks

BadPapi same thing went wrong with my first flag;

No fingers slipped
No error on my part

A bug in the game

Hoping Empires compensates.
Robbed of a flag hurts in these types of situations in Empires quests or otherwise.


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I’m having the exact same issue