[KNOWN ISSUE] Mitsuko's special skill not working when combined with aegir or wilbur

another player has reported the same thing mitsuko’s special does not work with willbur special or aegir special and the team actually takes damege when she fires her special and willbur’s or aegirs special is up when hit by a blue special. i tested it in season 2 stage 10-10 where the boss is very strong and strikes all the heroes uder those circumstances they take damage. it is not supposed to be happening it is a bug. please fix it. thank you.


Do you have video by any chance?

This is the other thread referenced:

And in that thread there was a video that @Setra had made, but it looks like it’s been removed from YouTube.

Yes I took the video down once it was attached to my original post. Support said they will look into when they can.

The video on the post was just showing what was on YouTube, so it doesn’t play anymore on the forum post. Hopefully support saw it before you took it down.

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I sent them the video as an attachment. I’ll make another video and keep it up. The same bug continuously happens so another video shouldn’t be an issue.


I confirm the issue
When Aegir and Mitsuko are activated at the same time within my team, and that a blue opponent fires a special at me, then he ´s reflected only 1/3 of the damage instead of the full damage. That is certainly because of Aegir ability to share damage, but in my opinion it shouldnt work that way.
Please correct this bug
Many thanks

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If I may add, this is important to look into this one.
Mitsuko is alteady hard enough to « manage » e.g. to time her special in order to get its full potential. But if on top of that, you also need to take care about Aegir or Wilbur not going off at the same time, then she ´ ll become not worth at all.
Plus, this will be another bad point for poor Aegir, who doesn’t need that right now !
Please, dear devs, do something about it :wink:

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Like many of us, many SGG staff are on holiday. It sounds like the original support ticket is active and so staff will be working on it.

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It took the staff a while to fix the other Mitsuko bug where she didn’t reflect Sonya’s dispel but they eventually got around to it. Give it a month and see if it hasn’t been patched by then.

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Hi, I made a video od that bug, you can see, that mitsuko’s reflect does not work well with aegir’s skill.
Hope you will fix that algorithm soon. Wish you happy new year. :slight_smile:

I see the Mitsuko’s skill works as well as gretel, where when the grim hits the mitsuko and the counterattack works

But Aegir and kirill take dmg from grimm, that should not happen.

Grimm took 500 and 80 dmg… 500 from mitsuko and 80 from gretel… BUT kiril and aegir took dmg too and they got that reflect buff too… SO if that ability worked well, grimm could take 500 from mitsuko and from gretel 80+80+80= 240…and kiril and aegir should not take dmg from that grims ability…

it’s not bugs but it’s like that if the Mitsuko is dueting with a wilbur or aegir :grin:

I think your problem is in point number 1 :thinking::thinking:

The problem is that also kirill and Aegir have the reflect, but they still take damage which basically originates from Grimm. That makes it feel like a bug even though it might be a design choice/side effect.

“All allies reflect 115% damage from Ice special Skills back to the attacker” - Mitsukos ability on ALL characters.
Ye, there might be those 2 scenarios of ability order. But I still do not get this point: If the damage is shared, kiril and aegir receive damage, they got the reflect buff, so they should have been protected from that damage. They are not protected, damage is not reflected -> Mitsukos ability does not work well.

Arguement that “grimm hit only mitsuko and gretel, so they are the only ones that reflect” does not make sence, when “All allies reflect”.

And if that first scenario is really like that one what developers wanted, they should alteast rewrite note of that ability, because not everyone can get this logic (and I am not the only one who does not get it) :smiley:

I fully agree ! If damage is shared between allies when the blue opponent fires a special, then all allies that should have been hit by that special, should reflect the damage back. Essentially, every scenario should result in 0 damage for the ally team but 115% damage back to the caster (not less)

@Rook @JonahTheBard @Kerridoc would it worth to relabel it a Known Error - Being looked into by Developers and pin it? Even if it takes months to correct it we would have a general thread to track it.

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