[KNOWN ISSUE] Marie-Thérèse Zombie Mode Hit Box Incorrect

I was doing the challenge event Rare-7 stage with Marie-Thérèse as the lone boss. I noticed that if she is turned into a zombie, her hit box is changed so that column five (counting from the left) no longer hits her. The tiles pass through without generating mana or dealing damage. Columns three and four still hit her as expected. While she is in her normal form, all three columns hit her, as expected.

P.S. the animation where she drops her loot before transforming is awkward.

P.P.S. sorry for the slow play - I wanted to make sure that I replicated the right thing for the video.

Moderator’s Note

This bug may be related, or share the same cause: Marie Therese zombie bug – “Nearby” Splash Damage Doesn’t Hit Adjacent Enemies


I noticed the same thing. Missed lots of tile damage and had to use specials to kill. Definitely affected my score.

Yet another 5* with bugs in their specials. I wonder why nobody noticed this bug in beta :confused:


I’m curious if the same issue happens on other levels with her as the boss. I don’t really want to waste battle items keeping my heroes alive to find out, but I might be able to do level 10. In that level, she and Boomer should both have four columns (1-4, and 4-7), so I’d want to see what happens for each of them if they turned into zombies.

I’m also curious about how she behaves in raids, but it’s unlikely that I’ll see one on defense anytime soon.

It’s not just her either. I was playing Epic Stage 15 last night, and all 3 bosses ended up going zombie on me. Every zombie that is produced by her special has this issue. You CANNOT hit them with tiles in the right-most “lane”. I didn’t have the chance to make a video because I didn’t notice it until in the middle of a cascade that wiped out all but her zombie on the left. I’ll see if I can reproduce it while playing today, but that might take a while because I’m working for now. This is a major bug. Things are getting kinda out of hand here. Margaret turns out to have a bug associated with her dodge as it relates to the evade talent. Kingston’s de-buff doesn’t work properly. Leonidas is killing himself when missing his special while under Ranvir’s special. Marie’s zombie mode is broken. I’m all for new content, but things are beginning to seem rushed at this point. Just my 2-cents.


Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here.


Don’t know if I’ll get the chance. Just spent a ton of items and continued even, in order to carefully reproduce this specific issue, and just as I was about to pop the whole team and make them turn zombie, someone walked into my office and proceeded to talk my ear off for about 20 minutes, even tho I was dropping the “GET OUT!” hints left and right. Needless to say, the game timed out, and I lost it all. I’m NOT doing that again…

@zephyr1 @Petri


It was probably reported about 6 months back


I had a feeling. From what I understand, the Kingston bug was reported in beta also.

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Yea almost 3 months back…

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from a couple of video posted in the main event thread, both during stage 15

at 4:20 the red tile against SargassoZombie is not causing any damage at all; even the blue tile in the same column does not trigger the “hero missing”.


next one is kinda weirdier

at 2:54 MT should be hit by 2 tiles and Sargasso by one (Wu Kong is on), but according to what we can see, only the left one hit her (miss) while the remaining two go to Sargasso (miss + 751 damage)



That could be true. Man, devs these days :joy:

From what I’ve read in other threads, beta testers don’t have enough testing tools. They don’t even have all heroes available to test all these new bugs. They even have to level up heroes from zero. So imo all this is on game devs :confused:

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I saw this too where Marie-Therese zombified and string of 3 gems went right through her like she was Ameonna. They went right through her left arm.

Yeah, I noticed the same thing, but I thought that the boss that Marie had transformed was just slightly off to the right, like a Titan (For me it was the very right-most column that I saw wizz by the zombie) and brushed it off.

Wait, what?! Are you serious? They had info that Kingston was buggy that far in advance before his release and they didn’t let anyone know or bother to fix it? Wow… the priorities.

I had a small issue with her too; but not sure if it’s a bug…

I killed two bosses with the buff up and they kind of disappeared for a turn before coming back as zombies —

Guessed defiling / Jerking / reanimating the body took at least a turn or that they come back at the start of the next round with an updated graphic?

(Assuming you’d have a hard time flipping to a new model / stats in the middle of a cascade)

Didn’t get any text (booga booga booga or something) other than the ghost graphics; but was quirky

From my knowledge, that is how they are designed to come back.

Pay attention to tiles targeting her right flank. First 3 reds and the one on her right flank totally misses.

Don’t know if this occurs during raids.


Better example…

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I had the same problem.

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