[KNOWN ISSUE] Margaret's dodge + Evade

Im not sure if this is a bug, or just stupid but…

So i was in a raid with Alice + Margaret… Alice had Margaret’s dodge on and got targeted by some sniper, anyway Alice dodged the special (so 24% mana for her) but after dodging she also evaded and the evade negated the dodge and Alice didn’t receive the bonus mana.

I don’t really care because I rarely use Margaret but usually when i do it’s with Alice, but anyway it’s kind of stupid, eh?

That sounds very odd, certainly unintended behavior. Is it possible for you to take a video of a raid/map level with her next time?

A possible good map level to try and replicate this may be in a later Season 2 stage with Triton as the boss. :thinking:

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I can try to replicate it when raiding and use screen record while doing so.


Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this here.


Nobody uses Margaret, so that’s a good find.


This issue will be fixed in version 24. I’ve now marked this as a known issue.

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I know Petri commented and looks like this is indeed unintended behavior, but it looks like the roll for dodging a special skill happens, and then the Evade roll happens regardless of the dodge outcome. So I imagine what they’re fixing is either:

  • the mana gain happens if dodge was successful, or
  • the evade roll won’t happen if the dodge roll succeeds (thus letting the mana gain happen)

Good catch!

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