[KNOWN ISSUE] Malosi's Special Skill bug with Chain Abilities (Alfrike's Mindless Attack/ Finley's Defense down

I didn’t see the point. Thanks bro :+1:t2:

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It happened to me today.

Just failed my attack in the current war. Seriously disgusting. This issue is present since weeks and nothing happens…very poor performance.

I know we have already several threads about this, but I’m that angry that I open a new one in the hope get some more attention.

You stole my win due to Malosis Block doesn’t have any impact to Alfrikes special.

If it had only been in raid, I wouldn’t write any post. But this happened at war and my whole 7DH family has an disadvantage due to that.

Shocked & Disappointed!


I guess your Malosi was not afected by blind or a fail percentage as the ones given by Wu Kong?
My Alfrike has been hit by Malosi but hasn’t confronted him recently. I’ll keep that in mind just in case it happens to me.

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No. I avoid using heroes who make my hits random ;). So no Wu or Ranvir. Just Prof. L, Skadi, Malosi, C-Kiril and Odin.

Hey! I just did some raids, and realized that Alfrike got my heroes braindead, so with mindless attack. But- malosi hit her before, and she should not be able to do so… whats going on here?! Pictures attached!

Any updates on when this issue will be rectified?

The hamgate situation got resolved in matter of hours, but this can’t get resolved in two weeks. Come on SG, there are very fast wars where we can’t use Malosi against Alfirke, he is useless… This should be number one priority !

Their number one priority over 3 years this is creating new shiny heroes each month :slight_smile:


I just made a post about this. Searched and nothing came up. Sucks that it is happening, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Hope they fix it soon.

Small giant doesnt create solution they creat problem with every updates and make players to update for no reason

FYI this issue will be rectified in the next update. Check this beta thread for more info.

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They will fix tjis issue in next update and bring another bug or problem after new update!!! This happens every single time…

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