[KNOWN ISSUE] Level Up Popup Not Showing (with Loot Tickets / Visual Only)

Sorry to ask but… there’s no more rewards (gems, silver coins, deck space) for leveling up?

Did i miss it or didn’t notice before?


Doesn’t it depend on your new level? The rewards vary.

It happend to me too. I thought that its a bug or something becuse there was no info that i reached higher level. So no reward. Just system message in the alliance chat

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Oh… @littleKAF or @Guvnor have you heard anything?

I have not. I assume there is just a delay. Would be odd that this was removed

Going to move to bugs category.


Not any close to leveling up to the next one, but it would suck if it is removed. But with each level up, it is either WE cap or Roster Cap that get increased. Did either of those increase?

Just leveled up a couple hours ago. It showed up for me. But I did read about it happening to someone else.

Not that, didn’t tap i’m sure.

This is the only thing that could eventually be the level up rewards, as i used the loot ticket to not waste energy on the level up:

It is labeled as “battle rewards” and have items in it (which i don’t recall it was before).

Could be it?

What level did you get to? I got to 62, got 10 gems, one silver token, and hero cap increase of 2. I think there’s a list on here somewhere that shows the rewards for every level.

Level 80, and sadly it doesn’t have cap increase.


Leveled yesterday, no issues. Another person in my guild leveled today and I’m sure he would have said something.

And if you didn’t get a hero cap increase, you got a WE increase.

See XP per player level requirements & rewards

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10 gems and a silver coin seems right. Never paid attention of those are battle rewards usually in the log.

I leveled up from 74 to 75 the other night before I went to bed. Odd things I noticed: (1) no level up screen showing the rewards and cap increase, and (2) i was pretty sure I was lacking only a little over 5k experience points but I was surprised to have leveled when I used a single loot ticket in a S3 map garnering me over 2k experience points. On top of being surprised, I was disappointed then because I have everything planned because of the upcoming new titan and that I just have claimed the raid and monster chests after they were skipped. Because of that, I missed the 3 possible titan flags for the next titan. Didn’t bother posting it or filing a support ticket because I thought the missing level up screen was lost because I thought I accidentally tapped some button or something. I only observed that my hero cap increased by one, and that I have an extra EHT in my inventory that was not obtained from anywhere else.

Can someone post a screenshot of the level up screen from 74 to 75. I just want to confirm if I got it correct having an extra hero cap and EHT. TYVM !!


I had the same thing happen a couple of days ago…held my lvl up for the next titan, loot ticketed to use up all flags, lvl’d up to 71 but never got the pop up.

I didn’t think to pay attention to my cap space, and from 70 to 71 you don’t get a flag increase. I checked the support tab for past activity but couldn’t see any rewards posted there (no gems & token).

Truthfully it’s not the end of the world so I wrote it off, but since others seem to be experiencing it too I figured I’d post it.

And that’s the third person report this problem when leveling up with loot tickets.
No level up screen, different loot?

May you take a look @Petri if it’s just visual?

It’s nothing major, but confuse people.

I also levelled up using loot tickets a few days ago, in my case from 69 to 70. No level up screen, but I did get the WE increase, and checking Recent Activity showed the gems and silver token, so I wrote it off too.

Thank you for the reports. We have detected an issue with the popup not showing when you level up using loot tickets. Please note that this is a visual only bug, you do get your level up rewards.

We hope to fix this issue as soon as possible!


Last week I hit level 127 and the award screen did not show up. I thought it was just a fluke, but I just hit player level 128 and there was no award screen again.

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Take a look here: [KNOWN ISSUE] Level Up Popup Not Showing (with Loot Tickets / Visual Only)

I also had this issue but I thought maybe I clicked somewhere and dismissed it by mistake.