[KNOWN ISSUE] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event: Invisible/missing mob/monster (v23)

Had an invisible mob during one of the first stages in the CE (Rare). You can see both counters in the top left corner still at 0, indicating that no mob had been killed yet. My first thought was that it might be one of the new chest mobs and that somehow the graphic was buggy, but that wasn’t the case (didn’t receive a CE coin)
Not a big issue but thought I’d share it.

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Yeah, some bugs after this update. It happened to me at a normal mission; just one visible in the first wave. Perhaps they will fix soon enough all this mess…

I was on level 14 of the rare event, second screen when there was a blank spot where a monster should be. Eventually, it showed as a suspicious chest, though the graphic didn’t show for a while. The issue is that the progress was completely frozen, even though the timer was still going. I couldn’t move any tiles or use my heroes specials, though my touch was registering.

After almost 8 minutes of this, I had to flee, losing the chest and the WE. I took pics at 2 different times, just to show timer progression, though no game progression happened. (Sorry, I don’t know how to take video on this tablet which would have made more sense of the issue at hand)

I completed that level but never got another chest back :frowning:

Whoa, this needs a support case opened, STAT!


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Maybe I’m stupid, but what is this supposed to show?

All you screenshots show is that 31.7 seconds passed without anything changing…

I don’t not believe you, it just that I could duplicate those screenshots by not touching tiles for 30ish seconds.

@Cvs, I understand what you’re saying, however there ARE honest people who wouldn’t bother to post anything if not for an actual issue, lol. I’m on a tablet, and have no idea how to take video, else I would have done so.
Not only was I unable to do anything, but the monsters were unable to hit me as well.
I certainly wouldn’t have taken that long to beat the level either. It was under 5 mins when I went back to complete it, nevermind just the second screen lol

@Zephyr1, thanks for moving this to the right place :slight_smile:

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No problem! It reminded me of this other bug report, so I figured there’s a good chance it’s related.

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I wasn’t saying that you weren’t being truthful. Just that your screenshots didn’t show what you were talking about.

Thank you for the report, we are currently investigate the issue here! I have now marked it as known.


LADY OF THE LAKE… her swords reduce my heroes’ mana, but each hit ALSO regenerates HP for her. Noticed this in Avalon Event. Those lucky enough to draw her won’t complain I don’t think, but a bug it remains and a right pain in the ****.

Maybe not stupid, but poor eyesight and/or deductive reasoning. The timer is at 3.7 seconds, he has a mono green team, none of his heroes have mana, and none of the visible enemies have taken damage (aside from some off color tiles). That all suggests to me that he did not kill the missing monster.

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@Benn My comment wasn’t in reply to the OP, but the merged topic that had the exact same screenshots with only the timer indicator changed.

But thanks

I apologize - I misread your response because there’s no indicator that the threads were merged, and your reply was to the thread, not to the specific post, so I couldn’t really tell who you were responding to.

No worries!

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