[KNOWN ISSUE] [July 22, 2019] Kicked Out/Disconnect during Raid/Raid Tournament/Titan [MASTER]

I was in the midddle of a raid revenge and got booted. So I lost even more trophies from a lesser opponent. I can’t log into the support option but I can get into this. Is anyone else having this issue?

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I was booted also with 1 opponent left

I had two left and lost my last flag because I was kicked from raid too.

Also kicked during a tournament match, and so far 2 other in my alliance as well

I was booted during the raid tournament with one enemy left… checked here to make sure I wasn’t alone

I was also booted and deducted points for a match I was winning. I had only two fighters left to kill with all of mine intact.

I was about to win a tournament battle when it went straight back to the main screen and gave me a loss.

Thank you all for reporting this. May I ask if you could please send in a support ticket regarding this?

Here is a direct link: https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


A few minutes ago I was dropped from tournament raid then returned with a loss has anyone experienced this?

I was just fighting our latest titan when the screen abruptly went back to the Base view before the battle was over
I got a zero score and lost a Harpoon that I used

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Same thing happened to me!

Same thing happened to me, I hadn’t used a Harpoon though.

Never happened before but game went to home screen during middle of first tournament match. Of couse it was a loss.
Never seen it do this in any circumstance before. Was not a connection issue.

Same for me.
Kicked out of raidT.
Game disconnected itself for 1 second before logging in again.

I got disconnected for a second too, thankfully I was just collecting hams so didn’t lose anything.

Saturday with the Titan, I lost the flag and the score was 0. same situation, restart the game

I was on my way from going 10/10 in the tournament (3* and got booted) and I’m in full range on internet… I didn’t get a screenshot, but didn’t think I’d need to price it when the devs can see everything… very discouraging to compete when you are 5/5 and aren’t close to the top 100… and 100th has 200 points more… how…?!

I was attacking the titan at 12:59pm on August 1, 2019 when about 30 seconds into my attack the game suddenly shut down. When I went back into the game my attack had been reduced to 0.

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