[KNOWN ISSUE] Jade's dodge does not break Khofu's Chain Attack like other dodges do

As my understanding, after a target dodge a hit,
the chain should stop. Here is what happens:

  • Jade is activated at 3rd charge to give dodge (75%) to all allies;
  • Khufu fire after that, target Topaz in the middle of the attacking team;
  • Topaz dodges
  • The chain continues (2 left and 2 right further), the two targets on the left take the hit and the two targets on the right dodge.

See the picture below:

Is it a bug or is it working as intended? If so, please explain.


Is a bug connected to Jade would assume. With Bastet when there is dodge on first hit it stops


Thank you for your response, I hope it will get staff’s attention


Once a hit is being dodged or it misses, it will stop chaining. Same if khufu is blinded, or also when hitting a ghosted target, that will stop the chain

That what I thought too, but have tested a lot with Jade and the dodge never stop the chain, even once.

I think it’s just a visual feedback issue. When khufu hits, it registers first as hitting all five targets. But since ptolemy dodged the attack, malosi also receives feedback that the damage is dodged. So it announces that it has dodged as well

Not really, Khufu target Topaz first obviously, then it spread to Jade+Ptolemy, then Joon+Malosi last. Topaz dodged the hit tho.

Oh yeah. Ah didn’t noticed that.


Is this due to malosi? Because I notice khufu had his buff blocker. All I can think of it maybe the buff blocker also negated the adjacent effect?

That’s a huge stretch of a theory, but it’s the most logical reason I can think of

I had another set of pictures as well, where Khufu target position 4. Then it dodge and still chain to others, final results position 2 take the damage (4/5 dodge)

Okay now I’m perplexed by this riddle lol

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If Malosi block, it will show “block” and only block the sand damage, nothing to do with the chain I believe. The above case doesn’t have Malosi special involved.

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Could you be mixing the passive damage/dot with the chain effect? Because it is a seperate application.

If you could record and share a video, it would be more helpfull to analyze and determine what is going on.

You can check the damage from two pictures, that was around 800-900 damage if they got hit. Obviously not from the passive.

From what I see on top picture Jade herself has failed to dodge and got the full damage, while other allies have only suffered from the passive/dot. So I see nothing wrong.

Khufu target Ptolemy first, and he dodge. How it still keep chaining to Jade?

I have asked Staff to look at it, because as I recall Dodge should stop the chaining…


Thank you very much PlayForFun! :heart:

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ah ok, the order of images got me confused…

Then, apparently dodge dice is rolled “after” chain hits the target… Just voiceful thinking here… I will try to test this from Khufu pov and share if I figure out anything.

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Yeah I don’t know why everytime I posted the pictures with wrong order lol. Sorry to make you confused.

This is like Khufu is throwing a boulder and each hero has to dodge it on their own and success not to get damaged :smiley: