[KNOWN ISSUE] Jade and Margaret's Dodge Doesn't Break Chain Attacks Like Other Dodges

I don’t know if this is a bug or intended since the specials are worded differently but…

Hanitras dodge breaks Khufus chained attack and Margarets dodge don’t?


Just tested it:



Question, did dodge break Khufu’s chain or did they all dodge his attack? Maybe it’s just the way it’s presented, but once the first one dodges the attack, it should end there. The others wouldn’t have a chance to dodge.


First one hit dodged

As much damage as Khufu delivers
I would expect Margaret’s dodge to function close to the 90% range.

Breaking the chain, is clearly not happening


I get the same result. But with Hanitra, as soon as someone dodges, the chain is broken.

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That was my hopes that she would have quite high dodge %. Do you know when she cap and hit that 90%?

No… she has one of those vague descriptions that leave us guessing.

Margaret was never popular enough to push for answers. But I always liked her and used her to great effect on offense.

After many matches, my best guess is that the dodge has a direct relationship to potential HP loss. Meaning if the damage would be equivalent to 50% of total HP, you have a 50% chance to dodge it.
Min 30%
Max 90%

However, I really have no idea. But I think that’s close enough for an estimated gauge

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The Dodge skill is a but different for Hanitra and Margaret:

Khufu is dealing two effects:

Maybe the defense down ailment is Dodged and the damage part is not ?

Could be? Margaret dodges damage though but she doesn’t break the chain as you can see in @Pompitous videos earlier here. The animations vary a bit as well.

When Hanitra is dodging you can really see the attack chain through your heroes one by one. First hero hit, second hero hit, third hero dodge and thereby the chain is broken.

With Margaret it looks more like a hit all and no visual chain. And then when the chain is done the dodging occurs.

All heroes that dodge…take no damage!

Here is @Guvnor being credited with a solution:

There is a thread somewhere that expands on that. But I’m having problems locating it right now…

When I watch Khufu’s animation, it looks like
the second written part:

Is the first thing that happens…
After that everything else, including damage is applied. Which would be a contradiction for the attack chain since the adjacent enemy has to first… be "hit"
as per the description.

And also contradicts the written order.

So I chalk that up to just animation voodoo.

Regardless, the dodge worked but the chain continues. That shouldn’t be happening.

Is there other dodge skills that do not work?

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The execution and written order can be different like here for Zila Lei:

So maybe it can happen here too.
I am still waiting for @Petri 's answer about this.

If the ailment effect is dodged and stopped, then the damage part can still can spread.

Anyway I have asked Staff to check this out.

The problem is what does “hit enemy” mean ?

Rogue evade the direct damage but receive ailment. Does that count as “be hit” ?

I think SG have to clarify this in the description.


Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here.


Same report as here:

Afaik rogue dodge does not break the chain neither.


Some further information from Staff:


Did they fix Jade? Just wondering if Margaret, whom struggles for a seat at the table from birth, will get similar treatment. Or if the special will be reworked.

If she can’t break a chain… and now with Anne too, I can’t see much value other than SE

Margaret could be one of those cool heroes that gain value like Grimble did. Dodge is being offered as a solution to Anne. And hers is very fast. Though currently worthless

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It is not included in V52 final Beta release notes.

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We are looking into fixing this issue in V64. My apologies for the delay!