[KNOWN ISSUE] Issues receiving rewards from Mystic Vision (Android)

Thanks, merged.

The solution appears to be updating, so anyone reporting this should first make sure they’re on the latest version.

Hello, I have the same problem after watching the "Guns for Glory " video. It started approx. at April 7 and is still existing.

its been 3 days now devs. my mystic vision has the same issues as above. i watch the ad. it dont close. i get no reward. i have to restart game. ive tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling and updating. nothing works. ive been playing for 14 months this is really annoying.

I have updated and the issue persists. The ad changes, but the inactive exit did not. Touching the “x” causes a blue box to briefly appear and no action taken.

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That’s help to know you’ve updated, thanks! Sounds like the issue isn’t fully resolved in the new update then.

And welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

Was having the same issue for 2 days…reported it. Got my MV yesterday and was pleasantly surprised with the results…however 2day, back 2 the same issue. N yes i have the newest update.

There’s a new announcement of an ongoing known issue:

You and me both buddy. Pretty frustrating. Worked yesterday! Free! Oops. Return to purgatory.

Thanks! It was temporarily. It worked yesterday, but today is not working again. When you touch the “X” I get a transluscent blue square that looks like it thinks it’s defending against a supervillian. It’s not, well, entirely wrong…

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For a few days there was all ok. Looking the Mystic Vision, get the reward, nice.

But now i had again the issue. Have to look the MV twice to get reward at the 2nd time. And again only at the same of my two alts.

Meh…I want my mystic vision…this is day 3…I’m trying 2 be patient but its not really my strong suit.


It doesn’t look like the announcement has been updated yet, I’ll ask the Staff if there are any updates.

Thx @zephyr1 I appreciate it. I’ve had one MV in 5 days…

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Same. Lots of epic hero tokens and hundreds of gems I’ve missed out on. :joy:


Moderator’s Note

I checked with the Staff, and they’re still investigating the cause of this issue.

They’ll provide an update as soon as they have more information.

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Thanks for checking. I’m sure it’s thousands of rare ascension items I’ve missed out on and need reparations now! :upside_down_face:

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My MV is working just fine, Got mystic ring yesterday. The only problem is its not closing properly after watching the video.

Curious how you get things if it doesn’t close since that seems to be the trigger.

Since something around two weeks i haven’t had this issue anymore.


Agreed. Seems to be cleared up.


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