[KNOWN ISSUE] Issues receiving rewards from Mystic Vision (Android)

It’s working again for my husband. Now I have to try and reassure him that he didn’t lose a bunch of ascension items over the past 48 hours!

I’m sure he’ll never be convinced :zipper_mouth_face:

According to my Mystic Vision it was 2x Wooden Shields and 1x Strong rope. He should throw a Wake tonight for the Strong Rope but the Wooden Shields were no great loss.

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Just updated, and still getting the same issue

A teammate just had it happen, the looney tunes ad…not sure if he has updated, but will check.

yeh mine is broke still. i watched the ad. freezes game up. ive tried everything to force stopping the game and resetting my phone. nothing seems to help.

I can’t complete Mystic Vision right now. It keeps popping the same ad, which does not close after the timer ticks down and pressing the close button.

I too had the same issue,I put in a ticket and was told they were aware of the issue…I logged out of the game from everything ( in case you’re logged in through FB or Google) plus cleared out my browser cache,and it works now,not sure if it’s from what I did or they responded to my ticket but it can’t hurt to try…

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If you close the game, can you still receive the reward? You can checck on it in the new feature (recent activity log) at option - support tab.

@zephyr1 Should this be merged with this link, even though it’s not solved for the OP?

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Had this issue with my main account, filed a support ticket, yada yada yada, but it didn’t get resolved for me until I disabled Game Center. Not sure if this is Samsung exclusive, but I enabled it to record game play videos. My alternate account (same device) did not have any issues with Mystic Vision, so I figured I would give that a try. Once I disabled it and went back to the game (it was still running) and instantly got my rewards.

still not working for me…:confused:

After watching video for 30 seconds, cannot exit using the x icon in the top right. Have to close game and go back in. Same thing happens. Blue box pops up over the x icon when attempting to press.Screenshot_20190419-073847


This bug is still occurring for me on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy A3, with the latest game update available to me as of yesterday, 20.1.3 build 975.
However mystuc vision works for me on my Samsung Galaxy S2 12 inch tablet. I’m not sure about the tablet I mentioned previously in this thread, also a Galaxy S2, but an 8 inch model - I need to check next time the vision is available.

Day 2 of not being able 2 collect rewards from daily vision. Hsve 2 completely close game…

The last day and half when I’ve watched the Mystic Vision ad, it is unresponsive to the close button upon completion. The rest of the ad is functional, I just can’t close it to collect my reward. Back button does nothing, switching apps does nothing, but if I simply hit home, and then bring the app up again, I’m back on the Stronghold screen and I get my rewards.

I’m having the same problem but hitting the home button doesn’t get me past it. I have to close the game and reopen and don’t get the reward.

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I’m having the same problem with the mystic vision

So glad I’m not the only one. I’ve been having this issue for 2-3days now. I’m not able to close the ad after watching either.

@zephyr1 looks like it’s not fixed for everyone yet

[SOLVED] Issues receiving rewards from Mystic Vision (Android)

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