[KNOWN ISSUE] Issues receiving rewards from Mystic Vision (Android)

It hasn’t been resolved. I have been getting it for the last hour on the same ad. The AFK arena ad, I
got it yesterday with the looney tunes ad. Doesn’t allow you to close the ad and have to do a hard shutdown of app to exit out. Then when I watch the mystic vision I keep getting AFK arena app, and have to keep restarting.

Had this issue this morning, it is now 12 hours later, and after trying again it is still there. I cannot close out of the ad, and am forced to close the entire game. No rewards for watching.

Z-Day: Hearts of Heroes is the ad that’s failing for me right now. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet in case the data point is useful.

Just updating that my husband is still having this problem for over 30 hours!

Lol! I really thought my posting this was reporting the issue. Where do I go to report

This is the link, support is available through your game

This add for my alt account and my main account, freeze after wacth it, in my alt account I can’t close it so I must close the game, but in my main account after Freeze , I can close the adds and got my reward.

I was having the same problem on my tablet, but, it worked fine on my phone. Anyone having this problem that has access to another device may be able to work around it that way.

Nope, my husband is stuck with just the tablet. It’s working fine on both my tablets and it’s going into the second day for him. Very frustrating!

It’s a local ad problem. I solved this by VPN

Except my two tablets are fine, while my husband hasn’t been able to access mystic vision for almost two days on his tablet.

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Got variety of ads, they all freeze the game

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I do two alts, one P2W and one F2P.
Only at one i have the problem like Nbinford1 reported.
For bad remarks: it’s at the F2p :crazy_face:

Hi everyone, there is currently a known issue where Mystic Vision crashes/freezes after watching a video ad and no rewards are given. We are currently investigating this and hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible! My apologies for the inconvenience!


Great to hear @Petri

Will there soon be a fix for the game constantly closing as soon as it’s opened? I’m currently on my 4th attempt to open the game. This only started really happening a lot in the past 48 hours.

Especially if I hit the game chat.

I managed to get a video where i could close it and get the rewards. No idea if this was a lucky fluke or is the problem solved. I guess ill know next time it pops up.
I hope we will get some compensation for this inconvenience. :slight_smile:

No mystic Vision available please try again later has been 4 hours
Why ???

It’s a known issue



My alt account already can open the reward from mystic vision, thanks for fast response @Petri.

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This issue should be fixed now, please make sure to update your game!


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