[KNOWN ISSUE] Issue with German translation: 3* heroes Yao and Jing

All 3* Kingdom heroes cast their minion only on themselves. However, the German description of their the blue and green heroes’ special says that they cast a minion for every ally:

The text part “für jeden Verbündeten” (which means “for every ally”) needs to be omitted.

EDIT: Apparently the description for the red 3* is wrong, too. He DOES cast a minion for everyone, whereas the text does not say “für jeden Verbündeten” German description for the red wo3k hero is correct


The red one actually casts the minions for all allies, thus that description is wrong as well.
Edit: I have to correct myself, apparently the red one does only cast one minion as well, so his card is correct.

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Damn, and I was already wondering why noone was as excited about those 3* heroes as I was… :rofl:

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Thanks @Drops. Edited my post.

@Roorschrek I also thought that especially the green one with those counterattack Minions must be insanely strong :laughing:

I only got the blue one and was like: “What, dispelling minions for everyone?”
Now with only one dispelling minion it is more a nice bonus than a reliable dispelling option…

Thank you for the report, we’ll look into this here!


Apparently I was wrong, and the red one does indeed only cast one minion for himself, thus his card description is correct.

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