[KNOWN ISSUE] Is the sound and some fx fixed yet?

Hi. Hope all is well. I wanted to see if they sound is corrected yet? Right now Arrow Attack in war is silent. Lady Locke super move fx doesn’t show up and other small sound fixes. Also when I mute the sound fx in game and restart the game the sounds come back and if I use google play to start the game in recording mode and when I hit record all sound disappears. It never happened before. I’ve spoken to others and they can confirm.


Lots of sounds are missing or are misbehaving … issue has shown it’s ugly head again … pointless to play without decent sound effects.

IOS version.

Please fix it quicker than you did last time.

I’d say Messed up sound effects are a critical bug.


I can’t tell if you are serious or not but were still pals. Obviously there are more pressing issues to this game that need to be corrected asap which are not but I enjoy playing with sound.

Noticed yesterday too, and twice today. After some time playing the first half of all specials’ sound goes missing, so a bit the activation sound

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Hi. Is the sound fixed yet?

Come on … Fix this bug you amateurs …


Half of the sounds like ghosting tile mana sound and some slashes from minions were missing in your clip. Dang.

I killed all the ducks, but they’re still quacking. Ghost ducks?


Really? That’s a new one. I just like all sounds and before the 30 patchwork it all worked great :slight_smile:

We are aware there are ongoing issues with the sounds and are looking deeper into this. Thanks for reporting.

None sarcastic tone - It’s been months and I highly doubt money is an issue here because every day there are new pay offers which I assume work flawlessly :slight_smile:

Been a while and most sound is still broken. When I did IT for corporate and had CEO breath down my neck when something stopped working and my team would fix it in a heartbeat. Didn’t feel good to get reamed out by the CEO but that’s why he’s the CEO and paid us the big bucks. It’s funny he would always complain and say “Why am I paying you so much money if it took you literally less than a minute to fix this” And we would reply “Because it took us less than a minute to fix it! That’s why you are paying us”

Think of me as that CEO trying to get this fixed on a product I use daily because something tells me that the sound is not getting fixed any time soon hehe :slight_smile:


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Sound is busted again unfortunately. When hero’s die there is no death notification church bell.

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