[KNOWN ISSUE - iOS] Summer Offer price shown in the offer differs from the purchase price


The federal credit Union I use here in the states does view that as fraud and it’s not visual because it already cleared my bank meaning took the money out. Thanks though good day


Oh sorry to hear it. I thought it is just visual thing. Definitely open support ticket and add all evidence. Without evidence they will not look further.

Advice from my side… Be 100% sure that you are charged twice. Otherwise you will be in trouble. I heard some people are banned for similar things. Most likely there was some kind of fraud involved from players side. I don’t know details. Just be careful.


Thanks I am 100% sure as the bank flagged it as unusual activity because it was twice. iTunes shows only once but bank shows 2 times. The bank is gonna deal with it because a support ticket for the game may only see the 1 charge by iTunes and not view the actual bank statement. Which is why I’m just going to have the bank fix it. That would also prove it’s not a false claim either. I can understand people losing account for actually trying to fraud the game but this is a federal credit union they will handle it & the proof for you. Which is wonderful :grin: thanks for the advice


Wish you to successfully sort this problem :wink:


Aww thank you :pray: :grin::grin::grin::grin:


I have had the same issue I selected the.99cent special offer twice and my bank statement showing two $9.99. Charges. What do I need to do to get my money back???


This is from the FAQ:


Here is the Billing & Purchases section of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) If the first link above doesn’t answer your question.


Lastly, you can directly contact support here:


(Remember to scroll to the bottom and click “Submit a Request” to start to process.)