[KNOWN ISSUE - iOS] Summer Offer price shown in the offer differs from the purchase price


Says 26.99 but when I click it iOS say 29.99.

Some players pay more! Summer package comes with different prices!
Summer Sales!

Happened to me too just now, so I came on here to see if it happened to anyone else. Now I can’t get my three 99 cent cheeseburgers for lunch tomorrow. I hope you’re happy Small Giant. You bullies took my lunch money. Next time don’t forget the wedgie and knuckle noogie!


Hey! I just now noticed your username is BurgerTimer. haha! I didn’t even see that before I replied about my three cheeseburgers.


In game price just changed to 29.99. Thanks for the fix but a mistake like that should’ve been fixed the other way


I agree, and we both purchased for 26.99. The price didn’t say 29.99 until after the payment was authorized. what if it was 1000.00 and the transaction went through? Would they just change the price to 1000.00 after the fact?


It happened to me too. Hope they can correct it and soon.


I doubt they will “correct” it for us. We just got shammed.


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Summer sale for today said it was 26.99. Itunes charged me 29.99. WHAT is going on? What kind of bug is that? This has never happened in any game purchase I have made. So I am confused and apprehensive and it is the first time in this game but I want it to be the last and I would like my $3.00:credited back to me!,
Thank you


Agree, not buying today because of difference.


Topic already exist :slight_smile:


Please contact support so we can investigate this:


Really?! This is ridiculous blatant and obvious pure greed!! In my alliance some even should pay 32,99! Some “only” 29,99 EUR!! Fix it, please!! Contacting support keeps it out of a public discussion!


I will put money on it being an itunes vs google play thing.


It happen to me too… It said it was 29.99€ but I was charged 32.99€



SG is cheating us like crazy and people are fine with such attitude. Price was 29.99 and I’m sure I paid 32.99 eur. We even can not trust SG anymore.

I have to get receipt. If it really will show that I paid 32.99 eur then I will inform Apple that SG is cheating customers. I have screenshot with offer’s price 29.99

If I ‘m wrong then sorry. If I’m right, I will inform Apple without thinking.


Here is mine on android.

I would seriously consider giving them a chance to look into it as I would put money on it being taxes from the stores.

Even if you report it to apple, not sure they would care or even do anything about it. They are money hungry, look at the price of the iphones…


We have posted an announcement on this:

My sincerest apologies for this error. Please force close the app and restart to get correct prices.

If you have bought the offer and were shown the incorrect offer price, please submit a new support request and we’ll get in touch with you.


Some players are charged more than others for the same packages! For the summer package today some players have to pay 29,99 EUR while others are charged 32,99 EUR for exactly the same packageimageimage!! Look at the screenshots!!


@Petri another one :frowning: Please put them together

This is known