[KNOWN ISSUE] Incorrect Description of Hero Class Emblems in Version 18

We have made an announcement regarding incorrect tooltip of Emblems. Currently, it is not possible to gain Emblems from the Alliance War loot nor Rate Titans. You can gain Emblems from Class Quests, Alliance War Chests, Wanted Missions and Rare Wanted Missions.

We’ll be correcting the Emblem tooltip texts to reflect the current situation.

Please note that we will be adding Emblems as possible rewards for Rare Titans and VIP Pass in the upcoming versions (ETA: version 19).

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue!


Thank you for adding emblems to VIP!


Great. Take emblems from war loot, take emblems from regular titans, add emblems to VIP. Then we can get the same players posting over and over again about how this game is so much about stategy and is not P2W.


good day. Error displaying the icon when choosing a hero to attack. icon will stretch vertically

Cannot upgrade talent for Brienne. No talent option at max level only level up and ascend (greyed out).

@Dan99 that sounds like an unrelated issue, likely that you need to max the special on Brienne first.

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