[KNOWN ISSUE] In-Game Clock Removed (iOS)

This is happening to me. Any fix so far? I have an Apple.

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Same here. Very annoying.

i’m having this issue too. my phone can shutdown in the middle of war because i don’t see the battery and this would demotivate me from playing the game…

I usually record my war hits. After the update, the red button on the upper left corner is no longer visible whenever I try recording my screen in the game. Had to pull down my phone control menu just to turn off the recording.

Also using iPhone here


I hope they fix this soon. I found the time and battery display to be immensely helpful.

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Really annoying can’t see what time it is without closing the app now

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The search button is your friend

@Dudeious.Maximus mergey mcmergeface?


No clock for me too :frowning:

I hope it comes back soon

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Me too. When will it get fix?

Same thing. Recording is different, no time, nor no battery in the corner of my phone. I hope they’ll get this fix. Sorry for the repeat comments.

Happy gaming

After the last update of the game on the iPhone, when you are in the game, the Clock, Charging Battery and Wi-Fi signalling level are no longer displayed in the upper corner. Is it possible to bring it back somehow, without them it became very inconvenient.

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[KNOWN ISSUE] In-Game Clock Removed (iOS)

Bug has been raised for this issue and staff is looking into it.


Updated to Version 53.0.0 this morning. Still no Clock /Status Display. Guess this was a bit tougher to bring back than expected. Bummer.

Any update on this @Petri , will it be fixed ?

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What’s going on with this? You’d figure since it worked fine for years, it wouldn’t be so hard to fix. That’s one of the things I liked about this game over some other games.