[KNOWN ISSUE] Heimdall revive issue

During raid I used Heimdall special and Vivica with full Mana was revived but was not able to use her. Vivica died, in the same raid I used Heimdall special again and Vivica was revived and was able to use her special.

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Hi @Spink, could you #contact-support so we can investigate this further? If you remember the exact time and date, please add these details to the support ticket.


This also happened just now during a raid.
Heimdall revived Kageburado, yet he was still greyed out.

Prior to this screenshot, my Kage was still taking bleed damage even though the bleed icon was not on him. He was also gaining mana, however when got to max was unable to use his special.

It was not until Heimdall revived him for the second time did he fully return to life with max mana.

@Petri how can I put a support ticket?
I tried to do it from the game and was redirected to this site.
This is my first time submitting bugs review.

Instructions here:

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Hey E&P community,

I am posting this to a follow up to the June topic Heimdall revive issue and the Mother North issue that have not yet been resolved.

Bug: Where a revive is successful, however the hero being revived remains “greyed out” and is unusable.
Two screenshots below of Kage (June, left) and Evelyn (September, right).
In Evelyn’s case, she was full mana, but could not fire.

Original advice was to lodge a ticket. As far as I am aware, two tickets have been raised.
A reply from the last Bug Ticket was:

"Thank you for contacting us.

If you think that one of the Heroes in your Roster is not performing correctly in Battles (their special skill of Mana generation for example), we recommend visiting out Community Forum for Gameplay discussion and Guides."

So now we’ve gone full circle and back to the forum.

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@Petri can you add this one to the list for QA to have a look into.

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Thanks to you, we believe we have found the issue and can now start working on this.


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