[KNOWN ISSUE] Harpoon Hits Progress Bar Display Issue (v22)

Could you please look into this:


Maybe you need more for a rare?

Maybe the bar is not up to date?!!!
16/16 should be fill the bar fully

Definitely looks bugged to me. Hope it gets fixed!

Thank you for reporting the issue. Please note that this is purely a visual issue affecting the progress bar, the numbers are correct. This should also only affect wide screen displays. We’ll be fixing this in the next update!


No. I think you need more for a rare. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I think that you have a (little) bug in the harpoons count gauge for the titans. For a 9* titan and 13 harpoons, the gauge was not full (blue indicator not à the 13 cursor). So we had a new hit and the blue line passed beyond the the 13 black vertical line. It’s a bit misleading :slight_smile:

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