[KNOWN ISSUE] Gullinbursti doesn't do damage in Teltoc

Dear devs,
There’s a bug with Gullinbursti’s damage in Teltoc event.

His attack (3 turns after his special skill use) doesn’t apply if there’s any alive mobs/bosses with yellow reflect.
Attack just pospones forever, until all the yellow enemies are dead.

Yeap, I know that Teltoc is going away, but I suppose the same bug will appear in Starfall Circus.
Kindly ask to check.

Here’s the video:


Additional info - it’s bugged regardless of the mobs/enemies.
I’m afraid, root cause of the bug can be found by QA only.

Have forwarded this on. :+1:


Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here and I’ll update this topic once we know more.


GB is not firing attack at the end of his special in legendary levels.

So, I went to yellow reflecting stage with Gullinbursti, because I forgot his damage ability.

When Gullin activates, it have “golden sword” icon, that disappears after few turns dealing damage.

While yellow enemies correctly blocks and reflects this damage, Gullinbursti receive visual bug - golden sword icon permamently, even if buff isn’t active anymore.

Here’s screenshot how it looks:

Like you can see, golden sword is on, but it isn’t listed on active buffs.


I’m having the same issue!

Same bug?

(Gullinbursti doesn't do damage in Teltoc)



Looks like, but title confused me, so I didn’t post there earlier.
Gullinbursti indeed DO damage (it was fixed?) and sword appears when this damage is reflected. I was checking this stage and I did damage to non-yellows, yellow correctly reflected, but bugged sword stayed.

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Not sure if it’s already been reported or no. During Challenge Festival event in color change stages, when Gullinbursti special goes off, after color changes happens , we can still see sword in character but it never goes off after 4 turns , and when we select Gullinbursti it shows nothing over there ,

I think it is reported here:

Merge ? @Dudeious.Maximus


This issue should be fixed in the next update (Version 45).

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