[KNOWN ISSUE] Furdinand's reflection of ailments

Please see the image. This is 2 turns after Furdinand uses his skill.

As you can see, all of his ailment reflections are only applied to Bera, not the minion owner.
Also, whenever Bera’s minions hit an ally, the opposing team’s Bera flashed and her ailments duration were reset.
Hawthorne’s skill reflect ailments to the minion owner, so this is undoubtedly a bug.


The special skill describtion is a bit different:



But I agree as Bera’s minions give ailments (and not stacks) so it should work the same.

I am asking Staff to look at this.


Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here.

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I do not see it in V54 Beta release notes @Petri

When it will be fixed ?

The player in OP is asking about it here:

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Unfortunately, the fix didn’t make it to the next version. It will be included in the version 55 update. I’ve marked the topics as known issue now.


Thx for the update Petri !


I had the same situation today in VF alliance war. Kalo activated Alfrikes special and 2 of my heroes did not reflect it… resulting in my battle loss. Not great. :rage:

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