[KNOWN ISSUE] Frosth's skill is the same at level 1 & level 8

This can’t be working as intended… Can it?

minion part on all specials is always the same from 1 to 8

his special is 100% minion based … so it seems like it

Nope try again.


I just pulled Frosth which is he fastest I’ve ever gotten an HOTM…

And looking at his base card in my roster and his max card in the portal, the special at 1/1 is IDENTICAL to the maxed card.

So what does leveling the special up to 8 do?!? So far as I can see it’s just busywork to unlock embleming when he’s done. I’ve never seen a hero that started out with a maxed special. I’m assuming in beta you get mailed max heros to test so nobody would have noticed this yet.


Exactly my question, hope we get an answer :wink:

Yes, I also wonder why the special is max at 1/1… And why he’s not animated when you zoom on ?

definitely was going to ask the same question. is this the first ever hero which’s special stats doesnt evolve when you level him??? seems weird

@KiraSG & @Petri; probably worth team looking at this one.


Thanks for reporting and to @Guvnor for bringing this to our attention here. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.


Of cause we now expect that the current lvl 1 are the base values and they will become better with leveling :rofl: :+1:

No if anything they will nerf down his special. Ah well

The special for the maxed Frosth shown in the portal is pretty close to what was in beta, so I’m guessing that the level 1 special stats will get reduced. It’s not likely that we see the level 8 stats get increased.

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