[KNOWN ISSUE] Delay when collecting and upgrading heroes


I updated and now when collecting heroes from my tc or when leveling heroes, there is a bit of a delay. When collecting the heroes there is a black box showing during the delay.
I am on ios and this is the same delay as we reported on beta.

Since last update, the app is slowly loading everything
Since the last 2 updates every single button in the game does not load fast enough as before

Yes there is. On android as well.
Thank you for reporting this.


I’m on ios 1.9.5 build 270 and don’t see that at all (I see it on beta).


Samesies. Android.


@Dante2377 there is an update, build 276


well then I’m prob gonna take a pass on that until I’m forced to.


Delay is there when collecting a chest too


Same problem here. Also the game is frozen after the time was over in a titan battle.


got the same issue here, its not that big of a problem but it is slightly annoying.


It’s actually the game taking away that 5* hero from your TC20 and replacing it with Bane or Dawa.

I kid, I kid. I get it to - builds an extra second of anticipation LOL.


same problem for me.


Same pause for me too with the latest update.


It’s happening to those that haven’t updated yet either.

This is something on the backend apparently.


Ah, okay. I had read the early reports today before I updated, but had not seen the issue for myself. Once I updated, began seeing it immediately.

In any case, it hasn’t manifested during a Titan battle so is just an annoyance. I’m sure SG will get it squared away.


Well reports may have been a little off; just now my alt (1.9.5 still) was fine, but my main (1.9.6) had the swirly.

Hasn’t impacted anything significant just a small delay.


It looks like there is now a check-back to the server before getting heroes or loot. I wonder if someone found a hack to adjust those pulls on the client-side?


Wasn’t happening to either me on my iphone 6splus or my sons on their ipad. As soon as I updated E&P on my phone, slowness.


Same here, and my husband noticed it too.


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Thank you for the report. We are aware of the small delay when collecting trained heroes and rewards in 1.9.6. This is part of our ongoing effort to prevent potential ways of cheating in the game. However, we’ll be listening closely to the player feedback on this matter and continue to improve our implementation.

Raid win kicked me out
This update has my game lagging