[KNOWN ISSUE] Costume bonuses dosnt seem to work in tournament on v32

This is pictures from my defence in the tournament, the stats and costume bonus dosnt seem to work, i have a friend with the exact same problem. We are both on V32, friends still on V31.x dosnt seem to have this problem.

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Picture number 2 is how he is supposed to look and pic 3 is how he looks in my defence

Same problem here! My Joon hasn’t got any costume bonuses, and I’ve met both Sartana, Vivica and Joon in my first attacks, but none of them had any bonuses. When I looked at leaderbord I saw one Lianna with full bonuses, and another team with no bonuses at all

Took some printscreens from the leaderboard

Thanks for reporting, We are aware of this issue are investigating it here. I will update with more information when I can.

Hi, same for Boldtusk

I’m guessing this is a glitch in the latest update, but the costumes on the heroes in my tournament defense aren’t showing up.


they’ve been havin issues in war as well so just wanna see if it’s same glitch in both

It’s the same as others are showing above.

Uploading: E44CE933-A5AF-4120-8B46-DD9FAA11020C.png… Uploading: 2D08BDC3-7391-4E98-ACAF-C95D2326EDD6.png… Uploading: 7C88E656-0A5B-4FCB-B808-B569D7A3FAFE.png… Uploading: 23045C42-7D92-4BDC-867D-8574AADDD4E5.png… Uploading: 49340EAF-4457-4BDC-96F2-8D673DADC673.png… Uploading: 7C20C051-658E-462E-8AFE-752C10F66E6C.png…

Elena’s costume icon isn’t even showing up—I assume because she isn’t wearing it on my tournament defense.

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