[KNOWN ISSUE] Challenge Festival Scoring Issue (June 2022)

Challenge ENEMIES DEFEATED score on Rare is the same for all levels. This totaly change the whole point of the challenge event because the lower lvl will get higher scores than last lvls.


That explains why I scored higher on first 5 levels

Epic has the same issue as well, ie same scoring as Rare. Legendary looks fine though

I dont know but the QAs responsible for this should be changed. This is ridiculous and bring down the entire point of the event.

Legendary has the same issue but at double the points

I guess the latest update broke something

@PlayForFun SG definitely needs to know this


I have notified them.

No prob. Unlike the doubling issue previously (in the Tower), this looks worse and there’ll be many players complaining about wasted WE and asking for compensation :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the bug report. I have disseminated the news to my “network”.

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Thank you for the report! We’re currently investigating this issue here and will update the topic once we know more.


Will we need to redo the stages or will they automatically be corrected once this is fixed?

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Gosh… This is so messed up.

… and wasted battle items :stuck_out_tongue:

I have already asked Petri about this.
He has seen my message, and I have also asked him to write here in that case to if this not going to be fixed during the ongoing event.

We now need to wait for Staff’s answer.

Meanwhile I am not doing any more stages for a while.

BTW: My expectation is that this will not be fixed so that the chances are equal to everyone.

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This is amazing. Another easily avoidable issue with an event.

Maybe it’s time to rush out even more heroes.


UPDATE: We are aware of an issue in the ongoing Challenge Festival affecting “Enemies Defeated” score calculations.

While we already have a fix ready, we will deploy it after the current Challenge Festival ends, as addressing this issue mid-event at this point in time may be unfair for some players.

We have also confirmed that this issue is affecting all players equally, so please feel free to continue competing in the event as usual.


thanks @Petri , appreciate the fast resolution and communication

are you able to provide details on how the scoring has been affected by the bug? this will be helpful for players, as we try to figure out how to improve our scores / which stages to target for replays / try to understood whether our scores are “good” :slight_smile: thanks!

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Thx for your quick answer Petri.

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Interesting. How did they confirm that all player are affected equally?

More like it, they have no clue but have to say something.


Also it seems there is difference in the issue when it comes to rare epic and legendary tiers.

Seems that ads to sell something or low summon chances for pulling heroes are never affected by issues. Surprising, I think not. Ads constantly pop out even when you do not look for them even when you do not touch the screen just wave something above the spot on the screen.