[KNOWN ISSUE] Bug with Carol's special and Shrubbears


I think I found a bug while playing RoW stages.
Some of the waves have 3 Shrubbears, I gave Carol’s bomb to a middle one. I waited 3 turnes or I killed that bear and the bomb should hit all 3 bears, but it hit only the middle one and two others got “resisted”. Why? Shrubbears should only resist nature damage.
Am I missing something?

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Shrubbear has Taunt which makes any special skill targeting more than 1 hit only the taunter and not the allies.
I guess in Carol’s case, her skill is not considered a DoT like poison.

But those Shrubbears are monsters, not bosses. They don’t have mana or special attack.

Anyway, Carol’s gift ignore taunt, still can hit 3. :slight_smile:

I took two screenshots:

That guy with a sword had a bomb. When the bomb went off it hit the swordman and the bear.

The middle bear had a bomb. When the bomb went off it hit a swordman, but the bear on the right resisted it.

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It may be that the game mechanics saw the damage coming from the exploding bomb as coming from a green hero/monster (i.e., the middle Shrubbear), so that the Shrubbear on the right with the green reflect blocked it.

Now whether it is meant to function like this or not, I don’t know.


Yes, it come from the middle Shrubbear which are green monster, so it the Shrubbear on right will reflect that damage. The mechanism of this bug is very funny for me. :joy:

However, this mean the exploding bomb damage is come from the target. So, it might be able to bypass taunt.

Is it really the answer for this problem? Is it working as intended?
May I ask you @Petri ?

Exactly. It works like if damage comes from a green one and so the other green ones don’t take damage. I don’t know if it works as expected but currently it works like that.
I am curious if the damage will be strong or weak if it comes, at example, from a green one to a blue one.

No, it is like Mindless Attack from Merlin debuff but bypass defense. You can see in those two screenshots.



Both red to green and green to red always deal 405 damage.

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Thanks for reporting. We are aware of this issue and are looking into a fix now. I will post as I know more.


If the bomb explode when the middle bear is alive, the bear on the right will reflect the damage to the middle bear (the middle bear receive x2 bomb damage). I test with Jack’s pumpkin bomb. It bug similar to Carol’s gift bomb.

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