[KNOWN ISSUE] Board doesn't shuffle anymore when you're out of moves- Exploding eggs locking up "No Move" Board

Board doesn’t shuffle anymore when you’re out of moves and you can’t even use battle items so you can’t do anything but flee. These thing happened to me on map and on spring event. One member of my alliance told me it happens in war as well but I can’t confirm that.


Curious if hitting autoplay would cause shuffle or not

Strange. I’m pretty sure that I had a shuffle today… Maybe the bug doesn’t occur always…

I tried with autoplay … still nothing. I was thinking maybe I don’t see the posible move but was none.


Didbyou submit a ticket? Tbis could be even worse on high eneegy event levels

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Same happened to me…Springform quest…boss stage on 17 or so…no option at all.
Trying to remain postive…

I get at least a reshuffle today.


The same occurred to me during an 8 energy Spring Event on Normal. You can run, select, everything but (obviously) move. I have to wonder if a reshuffle item would be usable, or if the bug prohibits all item use.



Really annoying…my shuffle freeze occurred during boss stage in lvl18 normal of quest.

As if shoving AW unwanted down my throat hasnt pissed me off enough.

Over the whole thing

Same here, nothing to do but change targets.

Please game, give me that sturdy shield already!

Appears to be related to the exploding eggs:

Level 17 of normal level, board was out of moves and did not shuffle. image

Had to reset phone lost the 8 energy.

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@Petri @Sara check out this problem

I also had the same problem normal level four. Lost my energy wasn’t very fair! Please fix it

Looks like it’s time to bring tornado’s to ensure flags aren’t wasted…

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I had the same issue. Happened when the eggs counted down to zero and disappeared, leaving no available move.

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Merged existing threads

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I was going to do the event tonight, but I’m thinking not so much until they figure this out…It’s bad enough the rewards are meh and it requires so much energy…

Yup, came here to report it. I’m not the only one it seems.

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