[KNOWN ISSUE] Balbar & Lady of the Lake

There is an issue/bug with Lady of the Lake’s minions and Balbar ability. When an enemy is asleep, Lady’s minions don’t decrease enemy’s mana, and I think they should.

Have you experienced this against multiple targets? Not just clerics or other heroes that block the mana reduction?

Also, just to confirm - you are NOT using the costumed version, correct?

Correct, I like most the original version of the Lady, and at least it happened with Jean François and Clarissa that I can remember.

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To check did opponent have a Poseidon special active or Baldur above 100% health?

It does sound like a possible issue.

I’ve a feeling this could have been an unconsidered bug worked in when they changed Balbar during testing to prevent minion hits waking the target. A way to test might be whether a hit by minions of Bera on a sleeping target give the poison.

No, the opponent didn’t have Poseidon nor Baldur.
And also the sleeping target awakes when he receives poison damage (ex. when Almur’s life is down and it activates his realm abbility) or blood damage of the barbarians. I think these damages shouldn’t awake the enemies either, but I don’t know if this is a bug or not.

Thank you for the report! Mana reduction should work on a sleeping hero, so this is indeed a bug and it will be investigated.


This issue will be fixed in the upcoming update (Version 45).


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