[KNOWN ISSUE] Attack Down remains after Golden Idol Fiend is removed

Hi all,

Have you noticed in the latest batch of levels of season 4 that Hanna fiends’ effect remains until the end of your turn even if her fiends are replaced by your own minions?

Unfortunately I can’t add a video to this ticket so below are 2 screen shots (before and after):

I’m guessing the coding is based on it checking at the beginning of your turn if there is a golden idol and then assessing the debuff. The debuff persists until you start a turn without a golden idol fiend. Someone else can offer more, but if they coded it that way, it’s probably working as intended despite the semantics.

You’re likely correct wrt the coding. However, when a healer removes the Fiends, their negative effect disappears the immediately.

Furthermore, the Hannah special ability’s description states that the negative effect is active “as long as the owner has Golden Idol Friends”

Based on those two facts, I think that Hannah’s skill is not working as intended/describe in the Campaign part of the game.

This issue will be fixed in the next update (version 45). Thank you for the report!

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