[KNOWN ISSUE] An-windr counterattack damage is not reflected / S3 7-10 hard mode very difficult

I think there might be something happening with an-windr damage calculation in s3 7.10 hard. Have done this a couple of times now and whenever the special is active when he dies he is doing huge amount of damage


(that santa had two minions before the hit)

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Can y’all help? I’m not at 7.10 yet. :woman_facepalming:

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I’ll go back and check tonight. I beat it already and didn’t notice anything when I first played through

His special gets a massive multiplier which can increase based on how many times he is hit once activated. It’s a surprise for many.


I didn’t even notice that. I use hel to just shut all that down :joy:.

Went back through and replayed. Looks right to me.


I did figure out a little trick to this fight: if you throw a lot of tiles at him before the buff wears off, he casts it again, which resets the attack multipliers back to their base values and resets the duration. Keeping that up the entire fight, you can prevent him from doing the huge counterattack until the end of the fight and, if you time it right, reduce its damage.

I also learned the hard way DO NOT FIRE A DISPELLER AT ALL WHEN ATTEMPTING THIS. :laughing:


Thanks! Knew I could rally the troops for some answers.


That’s also how I plan to beat him. Except I only have Proteus but I think he’ll do the job.

So a dispel counts as ending his special and you get the damage?

Yep. Almost cost me 10 WE when I figured that out.


Thanks for the heads up!

I imagine that most people’s first instinct is to use dispel against him. No. That would be suicide lol.

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i still think the scaling is off if the final wave of province 7 of 32 oneshots 99% of all heroes

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I never noticed it before either as Hel and Proteus just prevented it on each account. The only reason I ever looked was because a friend thought about posting his destruction here! I’m not naming names but his name starts with @JAWS_3D

(You’re welcome pal, take a bow)


lol now everybody knows I don’t know how to read :roll_eyes: but I’ll take your tip on using Proteus, thanks!! You earned a roll of toilet paper :roll_of_toilet_paper: single ply, just how you like it! :laughing:


Killed Boss level before victory sheild was shown it popped up to pay 75 gems to continue. This is not normal and I saw no reason for this to have happened. I chose to pay the gems and it returned to the battle and the victory sheild displayed strait away. I really dont know if it really took the gems but someone needs to look into this crazyness.

Probably related to the insanely huge amount of damage that An-Windr inflicts when his buff ends:

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He one-shot my whole team of emblemed 5*. The only one that barely survived was Kunchen +18 so I just bombed my way out of that level lol. Thanks for the great tip above on how to avoid it!


That must be why I never really noticed the damage An-Windr is able to do. Honestly, I never really saw him attack either.

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Did they kill off your team too? Because if both teams get killed off at the same time, the enemy wins the draw by default in which you would have to gem continue to claim the win.

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