[KNOWN ISSUE] Ally raid bug

If you are out of flags for ally raids but have a regular raid refill flask it will say refill available even though their is no item that refills ally flasks besides your gems


My guess is that you do have the required gems to buy a refill. In beta there wasnt a flask for it you had to pay in gems 100 I think.

Even if I had the gems it’s still saying I have a ally refill “flask” it’s a minor messup but one they can fix thanks to my all seeing eye

Yeah you buy the refill with gems there no flask for it. I’m not sure what the price is for a refill is in live game as haven’t really used the battle if its 100 gems and you have 98 my guess is you can’t buy a refill and prob say that🤷‍♀️

So I used all my gems to prove this theory wrong still with a raid flask it’s saying available refill

contact support with said issue provide ss of the issue.

Give as much detail as possible…

Thanks for reporting. We are aware this is an issue. I hope to post more information soon.


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