[KNOWN ISSUE] Alliance Chat Notifications Not Working

Thank you @Dudeious.Maximus ! I appreciate you even if I don’t like the answer :wink:


::bump:: still waiting for an updated response from dev

I’ll keep bumping until one is made :woman_shrugging:t2:


They are probably still on holiday.
But I doubt it will be anywhere near the top of the backlog of the to-do list when they get back.

Our alliance is in the habit of giving a sort of countdown on the titan, so people can easily check on it. Since this bug, players are complaining that they missed hitting the titan. Sure… their fault. But the bug has some of the blame.

Since we got PoA addressed so quickly I shall keep on bumping this :innocent: Surely August is too long to continue waiting for a huge QoL feature we had and lost….


Hmm, my issue seems to be different but possibly related. I log into game and see a notification for new messages (usually only 2-5 as we don’t chat a lot). Then I log off and later log on again to see a notification for the same number of new messages – but there are no new messages.

I’ve been seeing this for a while now.

PS I never have chat hidden.

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I am not seeing a badge number for new messages on the alliance button. I only see my new alliance messages once I actually click on the chat. Before, it used to appear as a badge icon with the number of new messages

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Hi @PhreeMoney

Already stated here, yet to be solved : [KNOWN ISSUE] Alliance Chat Notifications Not Working

@Dudeious.Maximus :kiss: