[KNOWN ISSUE - 24 Sep] In-game Message Showing Up with No Gift



Empty gift!

The same Here!!!


Same here. Not fair i worked hard to level heros completely. I lost 60 hero poi ts


what is this thing


Got nothing from this letter. Is it a joke?


I agree… i was ambitious and eager to get my TP to 4000 but now it’s not possible for a long time. I think 4 maxed five star heroes is not enough. 3^70 five star hero also has to be maxed i think.


The gift is the adjustment of the power of the heroes :wink:


Thanks for reporting and my apologies for the incorrect message format. Due to a technical issue this announcement was displayed with the gift icon. We have now cancelled this announcement and investigate this here.

Empty gift!
Minor Adjustment to Hero Powers

I think there is a big problem going on @Petri


Can i get a refund, equivalent of the money and houres i spended and the percentage i lost


It’s the same here in Spain.


Your heroes actual abilities HAVE NOT CHANGED! If the attack stat was 850, it’s still 850. If the special attack did 300% damage, it still does 300%. The only thing that changed is the hero power rating, which has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT in play. It’s purely cosmetic.


My team power was over 3800, almost 3900 and now it’s 3768. This pisses me off big time… i already stopped spending money to this game and i fear that when i max Red Hood and Domitia, i just might quit.

4ooo TP was my goal and i was ambitious to get there and now it’s flushed down the toilet.

Thank you SG


Mistake is mistake and damage is done. You still can give to all players something, for example, 1 World energy.


Q paso otra broma espero q no recompenseis por nuestro esfuerzo frustrado !!!


Hello, zéro présente for me :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


I did the update so you send out a gift… It would have been nice if it at least had contain something, all I got was a box full of nothing!?


found this in another thread…


Right. It said claim. Heard the sound like something got collected, but I didn’t receive anything. I just said the same to my alliance…


So how does this actually differ from the normal playing? Hopes up —> recieve BS or nothing :slight_smile: