[KNOWN ISSUE] 2 revenge losses to same opponent on defense

I had an opponent attack me and win twice. How does this happen?

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Well this is a new one on me. Didn’t think that could happen :flushed:

THAT shouldn’t happen? Unless there was an update today that one of you didn’t have and it somehow skewed the revenge?

I saw another thread with the same thing not that long ago, but in searching I can’t find it. I think the person did an update between the first and second in that case, or maybe it was a server went down issue - but it was something like that.

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Thank you for reporting, we’ll be fixing this in the next update (version 22)!


There is also a chance that you raided him twice without realising.
The revenges are at least 20mins apart so it’s possible that he was going through his tower revenging everyone and you happened to be there again further down the list.
I’ve done that before just to be a smart-■■■ but embarassed myself in the process.

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Will the trophies, food and iron be returned to me? After all that would only be “fair” to return to me what what was taken inappropriately…also you need to fix your connection issues. Twice now I’ve been booted mid fight, once on Atlantis 26/6 hard level, I was one hit away from beating Gaderius for the win when I got booted losing the fight and losing not only the loot but 14 world energy. The second being just now fighting epic level 5 on the current challenge event just as I was entering the final round losing 5 world energy. Both times I had full internet connection and your server was the only one I could not connect too. After all it would only be “ fair” to return to me what was taken improperly…

Just a quick update regarding this issue, the fix may not make it to the next version but we hope to fix this issue in one of the upcoming updates!

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How bout the reimbursement of lost trophies, food and iron?

By your lack of a comment I guess I’m cheated again with no recourse. Imagine that, and from game developers that preach fairness…only when it benefits them I guess.

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