[KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - status effects disappear after 1 turn (description missing)

Ran into this on S2 4-4. The status effects on both allies and enemies seem to disappear after 1 turn. See video linked below. Time codes 0:19 for Wilbur’s SS, 0:50 for Gato’s SS, 1:14 for Melia’s SS. I’m assuming this is all related to Magic Night. I haven’t noticed this problem on any of the other stages in S2, or with these heroes in general.

I have the same problem with albi. the time of his special is divided by 2.

@petri, it’s a bug or a bad explanation of magical nights

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Every single status effect caused by my heroes last only for one turn, no matter if its wu kongs buff or joons blind on the enemy. However the effects caused by the enemy stay for x turns, like the silence.

This is intended, unfortunately the description is missing - we’ll add it as soon as possible!


Also note that the effects generated by the computer opponents work just fine for their full duration. Is this also intended?

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Magic Night not loading - game crashes. Is there an issue ??

Yes as well, all enemies are unaffected.

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I would say there is also a bug with mana regeneration of the heroes. I run three blue, two yellow hereos. My Kirl (3* crit troops) and Grimm (4* mana troops) (both average mana) charge faster than Magni (4* crit troops, fast mana), this does not happen always but is reproduceble.

Also DoT lasts only one turn. So enemies are effected.

There is another bug maybe?

I took kiril (average) and isarnia (slow) in a team to the 2nd night stage. And somehow isarnia charged up before kiril…

Not sure if bug or not.?

What about items? Their duration stays normal (at least nominally)

I noticed this too. After a 3 tiles match Magni (fast) and Isarnia (slow) charged completely while Kiril (average) only charged about half mana. Isarnia has mana troops, but it still seems odd that she were faster than kiril

Hey, what’s the point of splitting mana and damage 50/50, but then taking status ailments that are applied down to 20%, 25%, or 33% (GM) for DoT and such?? That affects roughly 60% of the heros available, and makes them basically damage-only heros, like Lianna. Grimm’s -34% defense for 6 turns, for example, now lasts one turn. In what way does that make sense?? Yet the status ailments dealt by level’s bosses is normal…
This should be adjusted so that the status ailments are also cut by 50%, which can be rounded down for a 3-turn ailment, like Gravemaker’s, instead of the current 75-80% reduction of a very important part of a hero’s special attack.

I’m guessing it’s a play-balance issue meant to offset the double mana generation. BTW, these levels are super fun if you take fast snipers and healers.


Recognized the same - Vivica and Horghall were faster loaded than Li and Gregorian. Li even has the mana speed troop (@level 2).

Good point, and while I now see that my comment comes across like a complaint, it was not meant to be one but rather constructive criticism instead. :grin:

Seems like this description update didn’t make it into all translations, reportedly missing from Dutch: Wu Kong single hit in Atlantis special levels

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