[KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - mana gain issue



I brought a team with both Guardian Jackal and Justice into several Magic Night levels. Jackal has a L12 4* mana troop; Justice has a crit troop. Justice is to the right of Jackal in the lineup (not sure if that matters).

Using a yellow match-3 charges Jackal, as expected. but it also charges Justice. When I take Jackal out of the line and replace him with a non-yellow hero, Justice charges as I’d expect.


@Kerridoc Could you share a video or screenshots of the issue? We tested the Magic Night stages here again and were unable to reproduce any issues here.

Please also note the missing description that is a known issue: [KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - status effects disappear after 1 turn (description missing)



Can’t post the screen video, though I’ve got it and can email you (drop me a note).


I can see it’s not the case here, but I also noticed earlier that on one Magic Night stage, my heroes were flashing as if mana was charged when it wasn’t. I couldn’t cast specials until making another tile combo. It was happening on minion stages so they weren’t silenced.


S2 5.2 Vivica has faster mana regeneration than Wu Kong…


Hel debuff mana disappear in 1 turn (on boss)
Aeron shield and life bonus disappear in 1 turn.


All buffs and debuffs disappear after one turn. Double stacking colors makes the hero on the right of the same color gain Mana at 4x speed, ie- Skittleskull and Little John, Skittleskull takes six tiles but Little John takes 3. It makes it very exploitable at the moment.


@Petri I think @TylerDirtyn has put his finger on the symptom. Should be easy to find the code bug with this knowledge.


When I put lance to the right of bold and bold has mana troops and Lance crit troops, I can charge Lance with 3 stones. Bold is not charged with the same 3 stones


Description is missing

Link : [KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - status effects disappear after 1 turn (description missing)


Seems like Tyler is right. Posting 2 short videos with Drake and Viv as an example.

Drake on the left
Viv on the left


@Petri I have done further testing and I determined the problem to be that if you use 2 heroes of the same color it causes all of the heroes to the right of the same color hero in the battle formation’s tiles to act as if they were ghosted so that slow heroes Mana bar is full in three tiles when hitting an enemy. When you fire three tiles into empty space the bar only fills 75%. I tested with 2 double colors, Grimm and Little John shared the same behavior. Little John filled twice as fast as Skittleskull who as on his left as long as his tiles hit enemies. Both Little John and Grimm filled faster than Alasie who was at Grimm’s left and could be recharged every turn.

It should also be noted that all hero generated buffs and debuffs only last one round while enemy debuffs such as the bosses silence effect last the full duration.


Actually, as I was experimenting with it more, I stumbled upon an exception. Notice how Drake’s mana bar is almost full and Viv’s mana bar is empty. Normally (well, not really normally, but with the bug), Viv would charge up fully with just 3 yellow tiles, but in this case she doesn’t charge up fully.

Here’s the clip


Hey guys, I also experiences this kind of problem.
Used yellow mono team, and everyone got full mana from 3 stones EXCEPT for Jackal :slight_smile:

Here’s the video, hope it’ll help.


The hero have to be in adjacent slots


They don’t. You can see it happen in one of my previous videos.


I have it pinned down to every tile has to hit an enemy for it to count as x4.


I LIKE this mana bug :smiley: It’s so useful, especially in hard mode. And I think the devs should give this bug to us as amendment for all the NOT useful bugs they created :yum::wink::laughing:


I have also noticed this. Against purples i use Wu+ Joon+ Li xiu. If i do a 3 match yellow Joon gets charged as int6ended an Li xiu as well, but not Wu. If i switch the order and put Wu in the croner instead of Li Xiu, he gets charged by a 3 match, so i think something is with the right corner.