[KNOWN ISSUE - 15.1] Red Rare Titan Hit Bug

Already done :arrow_down:

Guaranteed loot for everyone, cheers! :champagne:

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I’m curious about those that had the huge hit recorded as their the biggest titan hit. Was it fixed / will be fixed / those players will be left with an impossible to match again biggest titan hit?

I hope they reset it back

My highest was 103000

We didn’t get that bug. Took a lot of effort and flasks to kill it. And our A+ got nothing while I was in B tier and got a useful mat. Been A+ on several occasions and got a zonk. Sure looks like better odds to win the lottery than get the rings. The chance should have had @#$% modifying it.

So the opposite problem is happening now, a year later.

I see someone above mentioned that Cyprian’s counterattack hurts him, not the titan; is that intentional?

My first hit on a 7* red rare Ancient Tiger (this time around, I mean; we’ve had yellow and red Ancient Tigers before), Boril’s special didn’t kick in until after the titan had already hit him, even though I used a mana potion to start him off with it.

And then my antidotes had no effect.

I did a second, seemingly normal hit.

Just now I did a slow hit to see what all was going on (we’re letting it go), and Boril’s special was showing as on, but no hit by the titan on the three buffed heroes did any damage whatsoever to the titan. The “counterattack” word appeared, but no numbers appeared on the titan. This is three blue against red, so it should have had some effect! Or is counterattack not working part of the red rare scheme…?

I don’t want to waste any more flags or potions to play with this anymore.

Also, a teammate (fourth in level, high defence team) said his entire team was wiped out in one swipe, about 30 seconds in, and he’s normally a good hitter. Any reason this would be happening?

Anybody else have any weird stuff happening with red rares?

The red Tiger have counter atk, so think your team mate killed himself. There is a ? over the titan, there can read the skill before you go to battle

I’ve wondered how counterattack on counterattack works, but I used the antidotes. Seems to have no effect. I’ll mention it to my teammate who lost his team. Thanks!

I’m not certain what you are trying to do with the antidote. Cyprian s counter is a buff and antidotes don’t remove buffs from enemies, specifically the titans counter attack.

If you have timestops, they are amazing on this titan when placed well. Good luck!

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This is the first time I’ve seen that antidotes don’t remove a titan’s buffs (in this case, 60% counterattack and -10% mana generation).

I just confirmed it again with another hit.

So my question there is, is it intentional that the antidotes don’t work on this particular titan, or is that a glitch?

I’m using Boril (red titan), not Cyprian; someone else mentioned Cyprian in this post.

My question in that case was, antidotes aside, how does two parties having counterattack work? If antidotes work, then the titan should lose its counterattack buff, while Boril retains his. If antidotes don’t work, then whoever has the stronger or faster counterattack wins, I guess.

Also, I’ve now confirmed that direct hits don’t result in stunning on this titan until the second direct hit. That cannot be intentional! Why would that be?

Hoping staff reads this and can help.

Antidotes work on heroes, not enemies. See image below.


The counters don’t keep countering counters. That would creat quiet a large loop. Rather, the enemies counter will apply when you strike and your counter will apply when the enemy strikes. It works this way in raids too.

o.m.g. I’m half asleep, here. Sorry, and thanks! But the other questions still stand. :grin:

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The one item I can think of is this titan reflects red tiles. So if one of your tiles is red, it won’t count in the “stun count.”

Also, if you are using Wu or a similar hero, you could have missed happening. Without a screen shot or video, I’m just guessing here.

Sounds easy enough, but it didn’t seem to work that way with this titan. And I was more awake earlier when I first noticed it. :grin: I’ll just take your word for it.

Not red tiles, I don’t think, and Wu hadn’t fired yet in either case, not having built up any mana yet. Thanks again for the thoughts!

EDIT: Just to be clear, I’m talking about when you hit the weak spot. Each time I’ve hit this titan, it’s only worked on the second try. I’m waiting to use a harpoon, that’s how I’ve noticed.

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over a year and still the crazy titan damage score not cool sg I prefer to set goals on games I play please fix it

Anyone know if this was ever proven to be a bug or just some helluva combo of Wu Kong actually doing good for some Defense Down on enemy and Attack Boosts on allies Ice heros?

Oh it was a bug. This was right after a version update. I don’t recall exactly what was done, but it was a bug.

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