[KNOWN ISSUE - 15.1] Red Rare Titan Hit Bug

Happened for us. No screenshot, but only 3 of us got to hit with the first hit doing over a million damage.

Remind your mates that they can also let the time expire to let other members damage the titan.
Not a cool move at all to prevent the loot to a whole alliance…

It was 6 1/2 minutes

Yeah, thats selfish going thru with the hit.

They deserve to be kicked for that.

It’s a glitch. 4 people hit once.

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    They didn’t do this on purpose.
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We had the same problem in our alliance. Only two players got to hit it before it was defeated both with over 2mil in damage. The rest of us just get to sit around and wait 20+ hours for the next titan. So frustrating!!


Finally, a rare titan appeared! After 3 or 4 people battled the titan the titan was vanquished without Removing all of the HP points. Very few people had an opportunity for loot including myself. I really hope this does not happen again .

This should be fixed now in the new update (15.2) - please update your game!

We didn’t get any rewards, no titan chest point and most important our alliance strength didn’t increase and we are out from top100

Same happen to us.

We just had a rare 8* Titan that was killed in 4 hits. Damage from attacks ranged from 400k to over 1 million.

And why are you reporting this and ruining it for everyone else???

First, it has already been reported.
Second, it is kind of a bad thing in only few people get the loot because rest didn’t have time to hit the titan.


How is it a good thing if four members of an alliance are able to take down a Titan preventing everyone else in the alliance from getting loot and losing the chance to fill up their Titan chests?


Well, in my midlevel alliance’s case last night, we had one guy get a 555k hit on 9* rare. Probably would never have killed it without it. So in my case, that’s loot for a full team on a 9* rare.

This is a known issue with red rare titans. Our alliance had one as well and the Titan was destroyed in under 5 minutes with only 3 people hitting it. It is not fun as it stops everyone having a chance at loot

We had the same problem 2 players took down a titan with another player attacking loosing 30 red tickets and the attack not being recorded

Please check here.
This is a known bug and they are trying to fix it.

I understand it is fixed but what about the damage done in alliances. People are now mad at others and not talking to them. I was one of the ones that hit ours but 27 did not and now they are out the chance for ascension mats. Is there anything being done for the alliances that this has affected.

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So sister Alliance went through the Rare Titan bug…but now are receiving Titans higher then they normally do…where at 5* - 6* Titans and jumped to a 9* is this from the glitch?

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