[KNOWN ISSUE - 15.1] Red Rare Titan Hit Bug


@Petri, @Sara there is a bug going on where people are making absurd hits on rare tiger titans

Do you know what is causing this ???

Super attack
Titan battle , instant titan death
1000000 point hit bug lol
Titan Damage Issue
The rare giant

Had the same happen in our alliance


Red Tiger too ?

I’m not a moderator…




I had the same problem


Bug or not. I would love to have such attack on any Titan :wink:


Also my New record


Does it also reflect this in your personal best statistic? (When you click your Avatar in base)


Yes. Right now i have new record in my CV


Also a bug in belgium


WOW. Hope you can beat you own score once :blush:


Is it possible that the people who have experienced this bug could name the hero’s they have been using?
Maybe we can see some hero that is the same and maybe trigger this so devs can check more precise what is happening?


This heroes


the same in Russia

Yoricks Memes by request of Coppersky

Same here… Just did > 1 million damage.
Maybe it is correlated to the game version? I already updated my game… And I had hits earlier this morning which registered normally.


Thank you everyone for the reports - we are looking into this!


Seriously :roll_eyes: :no_mouth::grimacing::fist_right::100: :fist_left: I totally agree with you on that one


I think the bug is correlated with the 15.1.0 version @Sara since other versions could not replicate the bug


The rare tiger has staged an onslaught in the history of the incredible game


Happened in ours too we may be good but not that good