[KNOWN ISSUE 1.13.2] Hero Leveling Resets to Top of Page

I just upgraded to 1.13.2 and noticed a small but annoying issue that occurred when I am leveling heroes.

Let’s say I level a blue hero from a pool of new 1* and 2* at the bottom of my hero list. Now I want to level a red hero and hit the “Level Up” button. In the previous version, it would take me back to my pool of 1* and 2* heroes. Now, it takes me to the top of the hero list, and I have to scroll all the way down to get to the new heroes.

While this seems trivial, it adds a lot of wasted time, especially if you have a large hero list. Please change it back to the way it was before. Thanks!


I was just about to report the same. Really annoying. Please fix this and bring back the old behavior :+1:

Yes, this makes it very annoying to scroll all the way down. Please fix!

Just got the update and I agree this is a big pain. Hopefully it will be fixed soon to remember your place again.

I noticed the same last night. I’m on iOS.

Thank you for the reports. This will be fixed for the next update!


ah great, thank you!
I was just looking to see whether this had already been reported. That bug is quite annoying.


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