[KNOWN BUG] Tremor vs Odette bug

Tremor is not activated by firing Odette after him. All allies get their Tremors effects removed but it doesn’t trigger healing or damage to enemies.

But it activates after G Gazelle as it should be.

Would be nice to get this verified by staff or other.


I can confirm that there is a bug with Odette skill.
Tremor is normally triggered by dispel debuff from Iris or Dance of Guardian Gazzele, but not by Odette. Attaching video with all 3 scenarios:

  1. Tremor activated by debuff from Iris https://youtube.com/shorts/3ZUJHm2HFWA
  2. Tremor activated by skill of Guardian Gazelle https://youtube.com/shorts/XLdeDMwnxz0
  3. Tremor DOES NOT activated by Odette skill https://youtube.com/shorts/jzOyyv87FY0

Please review and fix Odette skill to work same as G Gazelle.


Thx for verifying!

Let see if @Petri or other staff can give some feedback that it is a known issue.

Happy gaming


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.


Tremor does not seem to fire damage or health if his special is removed by Odette’s special

I see mixed results from meeting Phantom. If Tremore ia active, and Phantom of Opera fire on him, shouldn’t that trigger Tremore with 700 damage?
I really couldn’t confirm it either way.
Nice if more people could test.

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Works as expected with Phantom only if Phantom kill Tremor, not if Phantom remove the status effect.
Hence a bug also here.

Shouldn’t Odette special trigger Tremor to cure allies and give damage to enemy’s?

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The same thing happens with Odette and Queen Guowang. If we look at how it works with Guardian Gazelle, Odette should trigger Queen’s damage.

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Realized the same here today.
Odette does not proc Queen Gowang nor Tremor special removal effects.
Its a Bug or it is intended?

Guardian gazelle on the other hand works normal and procs like it is expected.

@ElleBlack90 or @Petri
Will this issue be solved un the next release?


After many test, I realized that Tremor doesn’t do his damage 700 or heal if Phantom fire on them.
The earlier post is now clarified.

If Phontom fire and Tremor survive, then there is no damage to enemies and no healing.
But if Phantom kill Tremor, then it works as it should.

On Phantoms card it says; All existing status effects will be removed…
Hence it is a bug with both Opera heroes.

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there is any news about this bug?
thanks in advance!


Several new heroes with bugs and minimal reports about what they do…
Let’s hope that they are fixed in next version.

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still waiting the correction. Would be nice against this new formations with undispellable taunt

If I am not wrongly the bug is solved. Have you tested?

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Odette and tremor is OKAYYY now =)))))

Odette and Queen Gwoang still not working, any advices? Is it intended?