Knowledge seekers look here

Introducing :
Knowledge Seekers’ Coaching

Empires and Puzzles is a complicated multi layered game that can be overwhelming to new players:

  • Where should you start in building your empire?
  • What heroes should you be leveling 1st?
  • Who should you have in your defense team?
  • What about your offensive team?
  • And Titans?!!

At East of the Equator we’ve all been through this & know how much having somewhere to go for a bit of advice specific to our own situation can go a long way! Fortunately for us, in a wonderful alliance like ours, we have each other to provide us with such advice and coaching. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a great alliance behind them, heck, many aren’t even in one yet!

We were happy to share our info-n-tips channels with the E&P community. Now we are proud to offer coaching too!

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Hi there!

Just a heads up, it looks like you posted a similar thread recently:

…and alliance recruitment/posting of info for each alliance is supposed to be limited to 1 thread.

Presumably that’s why @Kerridoc merged that other thread to your original one:

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If you continue posting in the original thread, it’ll pop back up to the top of the list in #alliance-recruitment.

And it’ll have your existing comment history, which makes the thread stand out more as more popular — which is general better and more effective for recruiting than starting a new thread.

Good luck, hope you find some new recruits! :slight_smile:

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