[KNOW ISSUE] No indication on enemy like “resist” or “protected” when someone’s special failed to reduce mana of Cleric (particularly Chao vs Rigard in my case:)

it has happened today, 10 minutes prior to this report, around 18:30 in Moscow, it is GMT+3 i guess…
I was fighting a war round, and it was my turn, when Rigard healer in enemy’s team got his special ready, and also he had defense for specials provided by that elf lady, don’t recall her name - so - I used my Chao’s special on him, he’d lost some little health as he should, but non ot his mana was reduced!!! 0_o
As far as I remember, defense from SS only affects damage, but not the ailments…
Anyway, he haven’t had 100% defense, so his mana was supposed to be reduced anyway, just for some a few percents, but it did not, it stayed full, marked S ready and i had not made my move yet, just used a special…
and then he predictably heals everybody and wins after as the result…((
How was this be possible to happen? very strange…

I expect he had emblems.

As a cleric, Rigard can avoid reduction in mana.

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thanks for the reply, Jonah!
I’ve almost managed to write it myself, before anybody does))
The thing is there was no emerging icon, showing his talent was applied. In case i saw rhat back then - there would not be any questions from my humble person…
it just hit him, but no info regarding he resisted it with his talelt… i’m not drunk or high, that turn was veryvery inportant for me - there is no chance i could have missed it…
THAT was the final bug then! no emblem showing talent has appeared…

Did the opponent team have Poseidon who was perhaps blocking negative mana effects?

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hmmm, let me check
but as far as i remember i always get some word or icon, showing talent or other skill was used for protection!
again, i’m not THAT stupid :slight_smile:
if i saw that message - this topic won’t be created in the first place…
again, wait a sec, let me check

no, unfortunately
no Poseidon or anyone who can block holy special skills, and again, i should have got a notice on a enemy that my special was blocked, and futhermore it would’d go any damage in that case, but it did… while no mana was reduced and no message appeared about it

I’m almost certain the talents theory is the answer! but there’s a little bug not showing the talent resisted special skill…

thanks for the help and your replies, people! :slight_smile:


No worries. I think it just flashes up ‘resist’ or similar. It’s easy to miss.

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Rigards resist often annoyed me.

You can mark it solved by the 1st answer.

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well thanks, but to ensure i will go ans find someone with that Rigarg guy and will wait until i can test that again
because I swear, i was starring at that Rigard and saw nothing but a little loss of health
I’m not sure there was a way i could have missed rhe “resist” ao other similar message
I have to try once more)))


ok, i’ve managed to perform that thing twice during the same raid battle…
an of course i didn’t manage to take screenshot perfectly in time, but you can try it for yourself :wink:
no message or icon is shown indicating he blocked my negative mana effect, imho it IS a little bug… as all other such things work as intended…
pls see attached) those screens show nothing, but believe - there is no indication like “evade”, “taunt-protected” and so on… check it out for yourself :))

Thanks for reporting - we are now investigating this issue here


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